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Natalie Imbruglia - Wild About It

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U are amazing

posted by Sam on Nov 30, 2010

So can someone please elaborate...what is she wild about? ps: She still has a fresh, delicate yet strong voice, just wrong tune and lyrics. Hope the Daniel Jones and Chris Martin effort will be worth the wait, coz i'm NOT wild about it.

posted by Dave on Aug 05, 2009

It has a catchy chorus, but odd words and meaning! Sounds like cross between Kylie style and Lily Allen video. Winehouse/Peaches with what looks like tatts on her arm! I mean she has her own classic style, she does not need to jump around in a tutu! I can't figure out 'what actually is she wild about'?

posted by Dave on Aug 05, 2009

Bad, guys, bad. Im a natalie fan and i thought scars was an amazing song but this one just make me think twice about buying her album. Sorry, nat

posted by JM on Aug 04, 2009