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Shakira - She Wolf

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posted by hd on Jun 08, 2014

i like this video

posted by she wolf on Dec 11, 2011


posted by sawon on Nov 27, 2011


posted by Sarah I LOVE YOU on Apr 03, 2011

Hello! My name's Sarah! I am italian, but I also speak english and french. Shakira's the bomb for me! Is beautiful, clever and nice!!! Do not you agree?

posted by angel sarah on Apr 03, 2011

very good! very good! veryyyyy goooooood! she is "formidable"!

posted by sarah love on Apr 03, 2011

i want to download this video can u help me

posted by run on Jan 27, 2011


posted by Dan on Jan 16, 2011

rocking video

posted by Vikas on Nov 03, 2010


posted by sd on Sep 20, 2010

very nice video ever

posted by avadhut on Sep 20, 2010

I luv u shakira

posted by yogesh on Jul 15, 2010

you are the best superstar

posted by k on Jul 14, 2010

hey its superb,,,,,

posted by kushal on Jul 11, 2010


posted by hre on Jul 11, 2010


posted by ahooga on Jun 03, 2010

nbja khkfjhd

posted by jueskks on May 27, 2010


posted by andrei on Apr 10, 2010

wha'cha ppl think!!! she's the best!!!!!!! dnt feel jealous wn u cnt do those moves!!!

posted by mann on Mar 11, 2010

you are the best superstar

posted by Ratterrella on Feb 27, 2010

bellissimo!!!! forte

posted by elisa on Feb 26, 2010


posted by hhhh on Feb 14, 2010

very gooooooooooooooooooood

posted by amr on Jan 29, 2010

i love you

posted by yar on Jan 03, 2010

very good

posted by jalal on Jan 03, 2010

thanks very much

posted by koko on Dec 28, 2009

very very besssssssttttttttt

posted by milad on Dec 08, 2009


posted by wolf on Nov 30, 2009

WOW Nice Cool Shakira ..I Love You :)

posted by KenuwBM on Nov 20, 2009

it was cool and lame

posted by ??? on Nov 18, 2009


posted by ja on Nov 17, 2009

kdjshfgihdkuygjufdsy HEY bitches

posted by ,ewuwgrdfukszuyebsfv on Nov 16, 2009

i can be ur man wolf!!!!ur hot

posted by man wolf on Nov 06, 2009

aloha the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

posted by domas on Oct 31, 2009


posted by sexy-chic101 on Oct 26, 2009


posted by ooooh on Oct 20, 2009

i love you

posted by shania on Oct 09, 2009

Veryyyyyyyyyyyyy hot

posted by Hoso on Oct 02, 2009

ek sal haar hard naai jong

posted by piele on Oct 02, 2009

I am a 15 teen year old lady who doesnt know if im bi but anywho hey shakira you wana sleep in bed with me or at least let me see you naked you can find me at steubenville ohio 43952

posted by KNS on Oct 01, 2009

one word to describe the whole shit AWESOME

posted by MAK on Sep 30, 2009

great song.

posted by jasmine on Sep 26, 2009

love this song.its great

posted by Alexis_15 on Sep 22, 2009

The song is very catchy and I like the video. rofl about her dance though. Love it!

posted by Toki on Sep 21, 2009


posted by SHAKIRA on Sep 18, 2009

Please keep trash like this off the air. It totally ruined Americas got talent last night. This girl may think she's got talent, but she is far from it. I had to turn the channel while she was fornicating with the guitar amps--my son does not need to get even more trashy ideas from prople like this.

posted by connie6612 on Sep 17, 2009

hej hej hej ovo je zakon, this is so cool! sexy

posted by Gugo on Sep 14, 2009

ROFL, She's a HORRIBLE dancer, lol....Pretty catchy song tho...

posted by crave8 on Sep 12, 2009

i think it is great shakira put lots of work in this

posted by mili on Sep 07, 2009


posted by mahdi on Aug 30, 2009

and i love the music , the instrumental version is so great too,

posted by me on Aug 17, 2009

so flexible, she worked hard on her dancing , great ,

posted by me on Aug 17, 2009

is a stupid video

posted by sandy on Aug 03, 2009

there´s a hungry wolf inside every woman! great, this song makes me feel sexy...

posted by girl on Aug 02, 2009

"there´s a hungry wolf inside every woman! great, this song makes me feel sexy..." Girl, do bul shit

posted by blo on Aug 02, 2009

katastrofa kako se likusa gubi ko da je na spidu. prsla je!

posted by Eva on Aug 02, 2009

flexible but cheap

posted by . on Aug 01, 2009

some of the stangest moves wtf?!

posted by haha on Aug 01, 2009

Simplesmente magnifico!!!

posted by Moacir on Aug 01, 2009

good god she can dance

posted by kel on Jul 31, 2009