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Shrink Clip 'Miss Ice Cream'

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A clip/trailer of Shrink

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Shrink Poster

Release Date :

July 24, 2009 Limited

Studio :

Roadside Attractions

Director :

Jonas Pate

Starring :

Kevin Spacey, Keke Palmer, Robin Williams, Laura Ramsey

Henry Carter (Kevin Spacey) is a psychiatrist with an A-list clientele, including a once-famous actress (Saffron Burrows), an insecure young writer (Mark Webber), and a comically obsessive-compulsive superagent (Dallas Roberts). Henry is not in a good place, however. He has been asked to take his first pro bono case, a troubled teenage girl from a neighborhood far from the Hollywood hills. Considering his present state of mind, is he ready for the real-life troubles of a young woman who loves the world of movies he has become so jaded by? At its core, Shrink is a study of control and our endless need for it, even when it grows increasingly impossible to obtain.


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