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Jordin Sparks - Battlefield

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i couldnt explains how pretty much i love jordan sparks

posted by like diz on Feb 08, 2010

hate this.

posted by jasmine on Sep 26, 2009

Jordin is awesome! She's a great singer and is inspirational to anyone who is young and loves to sing. It's a good thing she came on American Idol....

posted by iknow on Sep 19, 2009

i love all this hip pop rmb songs like this and i love this and im a fan of this and tyler perrys house of payne like i said god bless ya and ur shows and everything else u guys are going a great job!

posted by fatima on Sep 10, 2009

o k a y song! just like othr ones though!

posted by batty on Sep 09, 2009

jorgan rock and i love this song

posted by lololo on Aug 24, 2009

its okay.

posted by lalala on Aug 13, 2009

this song is awesome...she is such a good singer and her videos are fantastic...way to go Jordin...keep moving forward

posted by sugar3 on Aug 01, 2009

i like this song...more mature vocals....and more mature jordin sparks...

posted by ja on Jul 31, 2009

i love this song sooo much!!!i think this is her best song ever!!! i think i'm totally obsessed with the song!!! plus she sings amazing...peace out peoplez:)

posted by bilbo on Jul 31, 2009

hey its your bigest fan and this song rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Jul 30, 2009

Jordin sings similarly like other artists -- no unique style that would dinstinguish her from those at the top -- Gaga, Byonce, or even the matured Madonna. Jordin has a great voice, unfortunately this does not show undeniable brilliance with the way she sings. She's got to show distinction.

posted by kate on Jun 08, 2009