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Spirit of the Forest Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Spirit of the Forest

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Spirit of the Forest Poster
Spirit of the Forest

Release Date :

September 14, 2010 DVD

Studio :

Fantastic Films International

Director :

David Rubin, Juan C. Pena

Starring :

Sean Astin, Giovanni Ribisi, Ron Perlman, Anjelica Huston

A powerful businessman intends to build a highway and the ever-evil Mrs. D'Abondo sees her chance to get rid of the forest. CARBALLO (the Oak Tree) and his companions are in danger, and all the animals that shelter among the trees will have to flee. Yet FURI and LINDA, the moles, and PIORNO, the mouse, don't intend to give up easily, nor does CEBOLO, a jumpy town mole who has just moved to the forest.

In their new adventure, they'll have the help of the Clan of the Free Cats, spearheaded by the conceited TIGER. Even HUHU and HOHO, the troublemaking flies, decide to lend a helping hand. When they find out what Mrs. D'Abondo is afraid of, FURI hatches a scheme to bring... The Spirit of the Forest to life.


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