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Adam Lambert - Cuckoo (AOL Sessions)

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The video isn't working for me, but I've seen it before and it is absolutely one of my very favorite performances by Adam. That note he holds is incredible!

posted by Kristina on May 15, 2010

Dang he has a GREAT voice.

posted by Jason on Mar 25, 2010


posted by HAPPY on Nov 16, 2009

I hope he sings this well on his album with a dance twist.Adam you are not a poster boy for the gay rights movment.My name is paul and i would do what i had to do to reach the masses.you owe yourself the chance to play leading men in movies and videos. go fellow go.

posted by paula on Jun 26, 2009

Sex is better when adam is singing.

posted by lynn on Jun 21, 2009

He's a sex pistol and i wanna die by the gun!

posted by sher on Jun 21, 2009

thank you american idol for finding adam for us. if it hadn't beeen for AI we would never have heard or seen him.

posted by Terrie on Jun 19, 2009

heard this song by sam cooke. liked it. this song by adam LOVE it!

posted by Terrie on Jun 19, 2009

So hot! A rare and golen voice. easy on the eyes. made me look twise at the hubby for satifaction :)

posted by ayellowrose03@aol.co on Jun 14, 2009

I am so geared up for his album. 20/20 gave a little sneak peak and i nearly pee my pantz.and he said there maybe a lucky girl. oh let it be me :)

posted by Lanei on Jun 14, 2009

such a voice. like an angel..like an old soul.. love this guy in all his glory. no matter what.

posted by ayellowrose03@aol.co on Jun 14, 2009

His sound is so different and hot. He is just IT. The best voice in such a long time. water after a long dry spell. God I just love him. Such a clean different/ fresh/new,yet yesterday sound. loved him on the Sam Cook song. somewhere sam is smile-N

posted by Carry on Jun 14, 2009

on taget with every performance. never fails to please. NEVER FAILS...

posted by sher on Jun 14, 2009

terrific, beutifull

posted by Mary69 on May 25, 2009

if kris is the american idol! adam is the world idol !!!!

posted by adam fan on May 22, 2009


posted by believer on May 22, 2009