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Perrier's Bounty Clip 2

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A clip/trailer of Perrier's Bounty

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Perrier's Bounty Poster
Perrier's Bounty

Release Date :

May 21, 2010 Limited

Studio :

IFC Films

Director :

Ian Fitzgibbon

Starring :

Cillian Murphy, Jim Broadbent, Brendan Gleeson, Jodie Whittaker

Michael owes money to Dublin's meanest gangster, Darren Perrier. When the debt is called in Brenda, Michael's recently "dumped" and suicidal best friend, accidentally shoots dead one of his goons. To make matters worse Michael's estranged father, Jim, arrives just in time to witness the scene. With a bounty on their heads Michael, Jim and Brenda flee to the mountains.

On the run with his eccentric father, who�s convinced he'll die the next time he sleeps, and an increasingly morose Brenda, Michael is about to lose his mind. But as the net tightens and the helter-skelter chase reaches its climax he is forced to forgive his father and confront his true feelings for Brenda. With every hard man in Dublin on their trail it looks like Michael won't make it through the next 24 hours; however, The Grim Reaper and a gang of savage dogs have a funny way of intervening.


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