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Of Gods and Men UK Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Of Gods and Men

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Of Gods and Men Poster
Of Gods and Men

Release Date :

February 25, 2011 Limited

Studio :

Sony Pictures Classics

Director :

Xavier Beauvois

Starring :

Lambert Wilson, Michael Lonsdale, Philippe Laudenbach, Olivier Rabourdin

Eight French Christian monks live in harmony with their Muslim brothers in a monastery perched in the mountains of North Africa in the 1990s. When a crew of foreign workers is massacred by an Islamic fundamentalist group, fear sweeps though the region. The army offers them protection, but the monks refuse. Should they leave? Despite the growing menace in their midst, they slowly realize that they have no choice but to stay... come what may. This film is loosely based on the life of the Cistercian monks of Tibhirine in Algeria, from 1993 until their kidnapping in 1996.


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