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Plies - Street Light (Feat. Sean Garrett)

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I love you baby your the fuckin best rapper alive baby. By kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Oct 15, 2010

i love u so much algernod.. im gonna be ur ife one day.. u r so damn sexy.. this is ur futre mekii3 bka as miss brooklyn

posted by mrs.algernod.l.wasin on May 11, 2010

i jt love dis song it is the best song ever i love u plies:)

posted by lala on Apr 07, 2010

I LOvE PliiES!!

posted by Mz.plies washington on Mar 30, 2010

i love plies like ohdeee...yooo!!!!!!!!he so sexy..and has a great lifestyle!!!

posted by JaZZiBaBy on Mar 30, 2010

I love you plies your the best. Much(3(3

posted by Ms. Plies on Jan 02, 2010

Hey plies im still prayin for you, for your situation that you go though in life. I have to say even everyone go though trial and tribulation almost everyday, but i say still keep your head up and pray to god he will hear you and test you to see you gone to do the right thing. And you have bless me to believe in myself so for that thank you... I always love you plies no matter wat...hopefully i will see you in person. Bye this ya girl kandi love you plies.

posted by Ms. Plies on Nov 15, 2009

#1 goon from south carolina dirty south at its best.....

posted by bigmoney6211 on Apr 11, 2009

i love plies i think he is a good rapper.He needs to work on his swagger.but its okay.He is all good though.

posted by ken-ken24 on Apr 07, 2009

Hey Plies Happy Valentine Day!! ())--%--- ())--%--- ())--%--- ())--%--- ())--&--- 5 roses cause I truely love you and 5 stars cause you is so Damn sexy and you keep it 100. This Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 13, 2009

Hey Plies keep your head heel high and always say bye bye. To your haters. This Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 12, 2009

Hey Plies, this your # 1 bust it baby. O my GOSH I want to talk to you so bad. This Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 10, 2009

Hey Plies you is so sexy has hell. Real talk homie I'm your # 1 bust it baby. This Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 09, 2009

Hey Plies I LOVE YOU. You so fine ass hell it is ridiculous and to tell the true I'm truely your number one fan. This ya girl Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 08, 2009