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Fling Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Fling

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Fling Poster

Release Date :

November 14, 2008 Limited

Studio :

Peace Arch Entertainment

Director :

John Stewart Muller

Starring :

Brandon Routh, Steve Sandvoss, Courtney Ford, Shoshana Bush

By all appearances, Samantha (Courtney Ford) and Mason (Steve Sandvoss) are the picture perfect couple; young, attractive, succesfull, and madly in love. At her sister Allison's (Ellen Hollman) idyllic spring wedding, Samantha, a twenty-something fashion designer, finds herself irresistibly drawn back into the arms of her ex-boyfriend, James (Brandon Routh), a surprise wedding guest. Meanwhile, Mason, a published novelist just shy of thirty, spends a flirtatious evening culminating in a steamy hot tub encounter with his best friend Luke's (Nick Wechsler) 18 year-old sister, Olivia (Shoshana Bush). Carefully sneaking out of James's room, Sam is startled by Mason and confesses her affair. But Mason's reaction is not quite what you would expect...

This sexy, energic, and provocative twist on the classic love story adresses concerns that every couple must deal with: honestly, jealousy, commitment, maturity, understanding and ultimately our capacity for love.


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