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The Clockwork Girl (Sneak Peek)

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Behind the scene of The Clockwork Girl

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The Clockwork Girl Poster
The Clockwork Girl

Release Date :

January 12, 2014 TV Premiere Canada

Studio :

Arcana Studio

Director :

Kevin Konrad Hanna

Starring :

Alexa Vega, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jesse McCartney, Jeffrey Tambor

In the timeless land of Haraway, a robot girl, Tesla (Alexa Vega), is given the gift of life from her creator, Wilhelm the Tinkerer. Tesla meets Huxley (Jesse McCartney), the monster boy, who happens to be the son of her creator's chief rival. Together the two break into - and out of - ancient fortresses, fight robots, and travel from the depths of the ocean to the skies above as they attempt to solve the mystery of the plague that has stricken their town.


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dwayne bonello this animated movie the clockwork girl and i will see it based on the book and how it looks its amazing 5stars!

posted by dwayne bonello on May 23, 2012