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Prairie Love Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Prairie Love

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Prairie Love Poster
Prairie Love

Release Date :

January 23, 2011 Sundance FF

Studio :

Film Movement

Director :

Dusty Bias

Starring :

Holly Lynn Ellis, Jeremy Clark, Garth Blomberg, Greta Grosch

From the frozen plains of North Dakota comes this wonderfully bizarre story about three people searching for love in the oddest ways.When a mysterious vagrant, wandering the deserted, snow-covered plains, discovers a nearly frozen local man, he stops to lend a hand. However, upon learning the man was en route to collect his pen-pal girlfriend, whom he has never met, from a correctional facility, the vagrant sees an opportunity to change his lonely existence. Blinded by his desire for love, the vagrant decides to take matters into his own hands-forever changing the destinies of all three people.


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