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Soulja Boy - Turn My Swag On

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hey souj boy how you been doing i love you

posted by lexuse on Nov 01, 2009

Soulja boY the best.....!

posted by Onix on Jun 19, 2009

wow that was aswom

posted by jj on Jun 07, 2009

i luv turn my swag on.men d song is hot.you doin it dog!i'm 4rm nija.

posted by bully weezy on May 24, 2009

yall pressed

posted by jamarcus on May 19, 2009

i like this song an u r so dam fine

posted by redbone libra on Apr 20, 2009

luv da song and da video

posted by livdiz on Apr 18, 2009

the best hell yea

posted by yo freind on Mar 11, 2009

i love ya iloveya you my furture husband!! i want to sex u!!

posted by judy booty on Mar 06, 2009

soula boy i'm ya biggest friend, i got this rap that i want you to hear. you know i'm judy booty rhyme wth judy moody when i get done i'm be big juicy booty boys feel on my booty like damn girl how u get all of that my booty is juicy mane thats why they callme big juicy booty!! holla!! love ya soulja boy!!

posted by judy booty on Mar 06, 2009

Hey diz ya gurl kanesha I luv dat song turn my swag on. all dem otha hoes dnt knw wat dey tombout.dem hoes dnt hop out da bed and turn dey swag on like we do.

posted by Kanesha A.K.A Miss R on Mar 02, 2009

ewwwww di5K 5KonG needs 2 Go on mo5Kt di5KturbKinG younG kids lyk him nobKody else retire nukka

posted by CrIpKiN O.G fuKK a 5 on Feb 27, 2009

I love soulijs boy song turn ma swag on

posted by ShuggaMomma on Feb 26, 2009

soulja boy the best thang smokin. da best rapper

posted by soulja boy jr on Nov 20, 2008

soulja boy your music is filthy

posted by dell on Nov 18, 2008


posted by HOLLWOOD on Nov 10, 2008

does this video ever faze anyone that he is just braggin on how rich he is for creating a gay ass song?

posted by IsouljaBoy on Nov 06, 2008


posted by mike13 on Nov 04, 2008

hip hop is six feet in the grave. i'm wating on its resurrection like christ. i guess this is what happens when corporations take over the music. they aren't looking for artist with actual divine talent. all they want are rappers who can come up with a catchy hook and rhyme it over a powerful beat. currently lyricts don't matter no more;consuquently, rappers like soulja boy are signed. soulja boy will soon pass into oblivion just like other ringtone selling cowards like him.

posted by warriorman getem on Nov 02, 2008

i luv this video soulja boy iz so damn fine keep it up

posted by Mellony on Oct 27, 2008

i luv this video soulja boy iz so damn fine keep it up

posted by Mellony on Oct 27, 2008

oh what the fuke ever souleja boy rocks and is funny

posted by sexking on Oct 25, 2008

Soulja Boy Music Is A Disgrace To Hip Hop. His Dances Are Better Than His Raps. This Boy Lacks Talent.

posted by Pimp Money on Oct 24, 2008