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Endless Bummer Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Endless Bummer

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Endless Bummer Poster
Endless Bummer

Release Date :

October 23, 2009 DVD

Studio :

Lighthouse Entertainment

Director :

Sam Pillsbury

Starring :

Khan Chittenden, Colton James, Ray Santiago, Allison Scagliotti

It's 1984 and JD is fresh out of high school. The summer sun is hot, there's the best music, beach babes everywhere, and a big south-swell throwing waves at his favorite surf spot: JD has the world by the tail... until a routine wipe-out sends him to shore to retrieve his new board. But it's gone! Disappeared, vanished, kaput! This is a truly mind boggling experience! The universe has come to a grinding halt!

But the culprit is revealed: an interloper corrupting babes in their very midst. JD and his crew embark on the 45 mile trek to the dreaded smog-shrouded "VALLEY" to retrieve the board. A routine trip for most, this is one journey JD and his friends thought they would never HAVE to take...


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