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The Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part

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Awwww im sorry tom kaulitz broke up with nichole=[but its a nice song=]does tom know she made that song for him???

posted by xXkaulitzXx on Dec 19, 2009


posted by carla mae on Sep 28, 2009

i hate dat dey dont do any songs like dis anymore! oh ya amazin song gurls! im a big fan! i love u guys!!

posted by Nikky on Sep 09, 2009


posted by opel on Aug 10, 2009

very sexy and beautiful

posted by thailand on Jul 10, 2009

no comments

posted by bcloser2me on Jul 09, 2009

Cool video clip

posted by Yoiwa on May 03, 2009

hey u guys r aswome one of ur biggest fans!!!!!!

posted by Roksy + jordan on Apr 07, 2009

i love this song thanks for making it

posted by anna on Apr 07, 2009

they think they are so pretty and cool but they are not

posted by nick longhot on Apr 05, 2009

I luhv diz video..... sort ov remindz me ov ma guy.....

posted by W0W on Apr 02, 2009

i fu pay clos eatention u will actualy get wat it's about but since u all r dipshits I guess nobody does

posted by Star on Mar 12, 2009

man that is amazing

posted by i hate this part her on Mar 10, 2009

perfect!hope yud still be one of the big stars

posted by maeca on Mar 08, 2009

luv ya GIRLS 1 of your bigest fans

posted by prettylilmoi on Mar 08, 2009


posted by sashaoo on Feb 27, 2009

Taylor Swift did you really post that!! I love your music. You rock. I also like the song i hate this part right here

posted by Kac on Feb 26, 2009

hi pussycat dolls im youre biggest fan i luv the song whatcha think about that youre my idol i luv u i luv u i luv uxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

posted by niamh on Feb 22, 2009

i love u guys:) i hate this part is the best i have to say

posted by omg on Feb 20, 2009

i love your song i hate this part because when i look at this song and listen to it i think of my boyfriend when he says he hates this part.

posted by taylor swift on Feb 13, 2009

this is a exercellent song

posted by danielle heslien on Feb 12, 2009

this is the best song ever made buy them lol love u lots

posted by lover on Feb 12, 2009

this is the best song ever made buy them lol love u lots

posted by lover on Feb 12, 2009

its so nice.when i hfre it it feels that i cant breath

posted by lkod on Feb 11, 2009

the new song you meade is the BEST of the BEST (I HATE THIS PART)THIS SONG IT THE SHI*

posted by ME on Feb 06, 2009


posted by DJ on Feb 04, 2009

u r tha bst

posted by roy on Feb 04, 2009

oh yeah!

posted by sweeeeet on Feb 04, 2009

i love u

posted by madeea on Feb 04, 2009