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Selena Gomez - Fly to Your Heart

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This is a Tinker Bell song.

posted by Kitten on Sep 07, 2010

I love this song

posted by Kitten on Sep 06, 2010

omg yooh r soooooooooooo mean selena roxxxx she is awsume i m like her bigest fan she roxx i lov yooh selena i changed mi middle name is sara but i changed it to marie just like yours on mi birth sitificut i lov yooh keep getting better then ''MILEY CYRUS'' miley sux bad lol hahaha lov ya selena mwa!!!!!!!!1

posted by alice on Aug 08, 2010

selina gomiz ist coll und ser nett ich finde deine serie coll deine nesa

posted by nesa on Jun 13, 2010

Selena u very very amazing and cool and I very like this song your song is very very wonderful. Thanks

posted by selina fanssss on May 29, 2010

i love this song and the back round it goes so good with the song I Love IT!!!

posted by 123nessa12 on Apr 28, 2010

i luv this song that would be so much fun if u and me were best friends FLY TO YOUR HEART IS THE BEST SONG!!!!!!!!!!

posted by shannon on Feb 25, 2010

you are very great ! i wish you were my sister

posted by fly to your heart on Feb 10, 2010

i love it and you

posted by flyto your heart on Jan 14, 2010

Selena Gomez u rock ur so cool.You write some really rockin, awsome songs.Naturally is my favorite, but I like them all.

posted by cc3000 on Dec 25, 2009

but how to download this fuckingly great song???

posted by green mango on Dec 17, 2009

U r The bezt singer ever!!!!LOL. U r sooooo pretty and talented. LOv Yaa:)

posted by ilind LoVeS U on Dec 16, 2009

Selena you are the best!!!!! I love your clothes:):):):)

posted by LALA LOvE on Dec 16, 2009

REaLy lEavE,,i REalY waNt tO see yOU!!!!ComE tO MaLaYsIa...ivE gOT aLL Ur Cd!!!

posted by dAYze on Sep 03, 2009

U are one in billion.U r best .No one is like u.U r best lovely and very cute.I am your biggest fan.I like everything about u.Your songs are best. I love u *selena*.I want to see you.

posted by srishti on Jul 02, 2009

i like everything of Selena, about Selena, for Selena, to Selena everything!!!!automatically, i like this song

posted by selenagomezbiggestfa on Jun 13, 2009

i love dis vidio too bicous its magecol i lov u selena gomez u rock end i like thes song

posted by elsa on Apr 29, 2009

good song ...i love this song now i want fly to your heart ......very good ....i love ur singing ....

posted by guri on Apr 25, 2009


posted by GAGAN on Apr 14, 2009


posted by GAGAN on Apr 14, 2009


posted by GAGAN on Apr 14, 2009

oi selena eu sou súper sua fă e sou do brasil um beijo de evilyn

posted by evilyn on Mar 22, 2009

posted by ninuca mixelidz on Mar 05, 2009

She's so pretty,have an angel faces and voice

posted by rindra on Mar 02, 2009

actually she rox, and no one can beat her in future or just now eccept demi lovato, but as they both are best friends, both won't fight if it happnes and we also won't compare demi with selena or selena with demi, because both are equaly talented.

posted by selenafan on Jan 30, 2009

You. Are. Nice. In. The. Show

posted by crystal on Dec 19, 2008

you were awesome selena gomez

posted by awesome on Dec 09, 2008

this is da best song in da world luv u xxxxxxxx

posted by jade on Dec 03, 2008

iloveit best singer ever

posted by Selena cute star on Nov 24, 2008

i love you you are the best at singing and i am goin in for my high school talent show and i am singing your song i love it. your the best and everyone knows it. beth xxx

posted by beth on Nov 16, 2008

she is my cousins sister!

posted by selena1#fan on Oct 30, 2008

I love Selena's voice!

posted by nick&selena4eva on Oct 11, 2008

selena gomez is so pretty and sings this song really well

posted by sara12 on Oct 01, 2008