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Cheryl Cole - 3 Words (Feat. will.i.am)

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superb song !!!

posted by nish on Dec 27, 2009

song takes 3 or 4 plays to get into it, but it actually grows on you. video is original, but not really in sync with what the song tries to achieve.

posted by wdgfr on Dec 26, 2009

Loving the song

posted by joz on Dec 11, 2009

im going ride cheryl cole an have baies with her, im called diggy an im going with cathy morgan, im black an my willy is 1 inch

posted by diggy on Dec 09, 2009

Really not into that video, but still like the song... and love Cheryl. She doesn't claim to be a great singer, but she is great all round... Wicked personality and a stunning face. I say good luck to her in all she does! (still not a fan of the video tho, well unimpressed!!!)

posted by Kezzaroo on Dec 04, 2009

cool video.. what's wrong with it :S she obviously can sing, other wise her album would be doing so well..

posted by bari on Dec 01, 2009

wow thats bad

posted by me on Dec 01, 2009

absolutly lovin this song

posted by chelseae on Nov 30, 2009

stupid song,stupid video,stupid cheryl quit singin cuz u can't sing biatch

posted by danniidabest on Nov 29, 2009

worst song ever made ever ,is will i am the only pesron she knows or sumfink fuck sake if she loves him dat much fuck him slagggggggg

posted by WTF!!!cheryl on Nov 29, 2009


posted by <3 <3 * cheryllcolee on Nov 28, 2009

no cheryl... nooooo!

posted by notherbiggestfan! on Nov 28, 2009

love the song!...disappointed

posted by <3 cheryl on Nov 28, 2009

I loved this song on her album, but I hate, hate, hate this video. :( not good at all.

posted by cheekycharlie on Nov 28, 2009