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Labor Pains Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Labor Pains

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Labor Pains Poster
Labor Pains

Release Date :

July 19, 2009 TV Premiere

Studio :

ABC Family

Director :

Lara Shapiro

Starring :

Lindsay Lohan, Cheryl Hines, Luke Kirby, Kevin Covais

Thea (Lindsay Lohan) is a young assistant at a Military Publishing House struggling to support herself and her younger sister, Emma. After a misunderstanding occurs, Thea's boss tries to fire her. In a panic, she lies to her boss and tells him she's pregnant.


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posted by gh on Jun 29, 2009

I cant wait to see it!

posted by Kevin Zenteno on Sep 12, 2008

what the hell are you talking about?? This movie is funny! and Lindsay, gosh, she's the best performer of hollywood! please folks ... shut the f** up!

posted by cynt on Sep 10, 2008

Oh, dear god. Poor Chris Parnell. Poor Cheryl Hines. And come to think of it, poor Lindsay has screwed herself over again. Put simply, a part of me died inside watching that. And I will eat my hat if any Hollywood distributor is dumb enough to pick it up

posted by JoPat on Sep 07, 2008

That looks very stupid.

posted by great on Sep 06, 2008