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David Archuleta - Crush

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A perfect first song for the first album. This song is still on the radios. So catchy and radio friendly. His voice is so unique, we can recognize it right away, the voice is so David, nobody can even close to it. Amazing, the best AI ever.

posted by malia08 on Aug 06, 2010


posted by fatin on May 24, 2010

kewl song yar awsme very touchy song ..........

posted by faraaz on Jan 16, 2010

it's too much touching...

posted by ln on Dec 10, 2009

love your songs

posted by love on Jul 14, 2009

i like dis song

posted by jhen on Jun 18, 2009


posted by PINGKAN on May 15, 2009


posted by fia on May 09, 2009

He is so CUTE in this video!!! I bet there r alot of girls who wish they were the one David had a crush on. I know I wouldn't mind if I were the one!!! =~)

posted by Crazy-4-David on Apr 29, 2009

love u

posted by love on Apr 22, 2009

he is so cute and i love you david can"t stop listening to it.

posted by nadia on Apr 05, 2009

hihi, he's very cute

posted by jojo_thank@yahoo.com on Mar 17, 2009

he's very excellent, i love a little not over you song. I'm a david archuleta fan

posted by jojo_thank@yahoo.com on Mar 17, 2009

yes, i love this song anh i love david archuleta. I live in Vietnemese

posted by jojo_thank on Mar 17, 2009

I LOVE this song, it speaks to me,

posted by david archulata fan on Feb 22, 2009

i love this song

posted by richard on Feb 20, 2009

nice song it even blends with the video well come to the philippines

posted by bo on Dec 22, 2008

ih my name is sharon i love the song you sing is crush

posted by sharon on Dec 18, 2008

ih my name is sharon i love the song you sing is crush

posted by sharon on Dec 18, 2008

david archuleta live in USA... he's brtihday is 18 dcember oceeyy

posted by pebru archuleta on Dec 10, 2008


posted by Lovitzsa on Dec 05, 2008

It's so good I love it and He's very cute too

posted by Gisselle on Dec 01, 2008

David this is an awesome song. I love it.

posted by kk on Nov 11, 2008

David Archuleta you are a great guy. This is an awesome song. I am so happy that your dream come true.

posted by g3 on Nov 11, 2008

David Archuleta you are a great guy. this is an awesome song. I am so happy at your dream come true. always kat

posted by g3 on Nov 11, 2008

you're so cool and so sweet.....

posted by Debora on Nov 11, 2008

i love love this song, this vid is awesome, so fresh n cool love it

posted by gloria on Nov 08, 2008


posted by tgrg on Nov 02, 2008

Can I give this 10 stars? cuz, seriously. This ong is HOT. OMG I LOVE his EYES!!!!

posted by xcgrrl11 on Oct 16, 2008

This song islike the best song EVER. David, your eyes make me want to be the girl in the video. You are SO cute. Keep rocking out like you always do. Peace out.

posted by xcgrrl11 on Oct 15, 2008

david james archuleta... hmm... he always smile

posted by pebru on Oct 12, 2008

cool song

posted by dud on Oct 10, 2008

david you ROCK you're so HOT i wanted to go to your prom with you you should of won american idol you have an amazing voice love ya love claudia

posted by riverrat31896 on Oct 09, 2008

i love this song by him......-}

posted by honey bun on Oct 09, 2008

i love this song by him......-}

posted by honey bun on Oct 09, 2008

I love this video and it's direct approach to the song. David Archuleta's voice doesn't need any gimmicks!

posted by kkid on Oct 08, 2008

ur the cutest thing ever. i love ur smile n i never want it to go away =D ur the best cant wait for ur other songs to be released !

posted by justDance. on Oct 06, 2008

I LUV David, and 'Crush' is amazing! Cool video 2.

posted by missNCW on Oct 04, 2008

he is fxng adorable. great song cute video

posted by ee on Oct 04, 2008

I love David's voice and I think about my crush and wonder if he's thinking about me!

posted by djafan on Oct 02, 2008


posted by alexis-1752 on Oct 01, 2008


posted by david archuleta on Sep 26, 2008

i so love this song its so hott also...david you are so fine i luv you so much yur voice i amazin

posted by diona on Sep 25, 2008

I love the CRUSH single and CRUSH VIDEO is awesome. DAVID ARCHULETA IS AMAZING! His voice touches my soul at 40 years old. Can't wait to buy his CD first week in November 2008. VIDEO and Single available on ITUNES and you can also pre-order his CD on AMAZON NOW!!

posted by chasee on Sep 24, 2008

i rated it excellent cause i just know it will be..but it says the video is gone.darn. stupiddd stupid stupid!

posted by blarghingoof on Sep 13, 2008

You totally rock, David! I LOVE YOU!

posted by heartgirl on Sep 12, 2008

I love love love both the song and David Archuleta!! This video is fantastic and he did an amazing job for a first music video!!! <3

posted by idoldance on Sep 12, 2008

Thumbs up for Archie, this is a wonderful video. Good job you are one of a kind. We all love you David. Good luck

posted by Silvia on Sep 08, 2008

i love this so freaking much!! david is so awesome!! i'm so sorry david that i watch it!! but i still gonna buy ti ok on tunes!!

posted by gloria on Sep 08, 2008

Turned out super! Love the expressions of teenage angst and flirting that cross his face. WELL DONE

posted by karenkid on Sep 08, 2008

Awesome artist. The video is perfect.

posted by Jolene on Sep 07, 2008

David you are awesome. You are famous all over the universe. I am an Indian fan of yours. My name is Ma-ngal. David you are my idol...you are simply the best. Go!GO!fighting.

posted by David Archuleta on Aug 30, 2008
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