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Janelle Monae - Tightrope (Feat. Big Boi)

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Evreybody knows that EMINEM is the love men!!where can i download this video??

posted by EM on Sep 07, 2009

Evreybody knows that EMINEM is the love men!!where can i download this video??

posted by EM on Sep 07, 2009

Eminem is AWESOME

posted by Some Random Guy on Jun 30, 2009

Eminem is rockn my hip hop world da nigga i fuckn gud man he must kept it up.fuck al dis mothafuckrz who pain him wit shit,jst go get lyf ass holes

posted by S-feed on May 30, 2009


posted by originalriotchick on Apr 23, 2009

I LOVE EMINEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by originalriotchick@gm on Apr 23, 2009

this shit is tight

posted by big dog on Apr 22, 2009


posted by WOLF on Apr 22, 2009

needs to do more work...........he is good

posted by kelani_a7 on Apr 14, 2009

i LUV EMiNEM!!.....

posted by YO on Apr 09, 2009

man its the good shit lol :) xxxxxx

posted by gillian oxox on Mar 31, 2009

This song is the best it rocks my socks !!!

posted by katie on Mar 31, 2009

The track has a good beat but ive heard better lyrics from the master his self slim shady!

posted by james on Mar 26, 2009


posted by shady on Mar 25, 2009

This song is the best ever!

posted by THE REAL SLIM SHADY on Mar 25, 2009

damn this song is bad ass

posted by lil toowey on Mar 25, 2009


posted by #1slimfan on Mar 24, 2009

shaddy is back all gangsters must clap hands for this guys ther are the best ofthe best

posted by maelha on Mar 23, 2009

this tune is the dogs bollocks man,av u noticed em raps dre's bit and 50s bits been taken out,i prefer this version

posted by fat matt on Mar 23, 2009

this song is the shit i hope the rest of the cd is just as sick as this song is

posted by columbo on Mar 19, 2009

good song

posted by big bro on Mar 18, 2009

this song is the shit

posted by g unit on Mar 17, 2009

boss song

posted by lesley on Mar 14, 2009

i've missed you

posted by Jran652 on Mar 14, 2009

OMG! I love Eminem and I'm so happy he has a new album! I can't wait to buy it!!!!

posted by Shweeba on Mar 14, 2009

is there anything this god can't do???????? good shit

posted by big p on Mar 13, 2009

very good song

posted by lesley on Mar 12, 2009

eminem rocks man cnt wait for relapse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by slim shady fan on Mar 09, 2009

good song

posted by eminem is the best on Mar 07, 2009

its hottt!

posted by Dre/Shadyfan on Mar 07, 2009

omg awesome song i hav listend to this exsact 1 like over 30 times i sweare lol =] em rocks 5 stars all the way !

posted by shady fan on Mar 07, 2009

best song in the world =]

posted by eminem is the best m on Mar 07, 2009

I LOVE IT!!! Its so good. And every body is always puttin him down but he proved all yall wrong!!! and said he would and he did!!

posted by idk on Mar 06, 2009

best song in the world bitches

posted by 64rolaz, Jimi on Mar 06, 2009

i love this song harshly xx he is the best rappper and atleast he sings for the heart and not for money you make my world rapping

posted by jess on Mar 05, 2009

eminem is da best im so happyn he came back but i also luv ti dayb da best

posted by crunkgrlgetemgetem on Mar 05, 2009

eminem is truely one of, not not the, greatest rapper alive. he comes up wit some of the sickest shit and it makes since!

posted by E3 Masta P on Mar 04, 2009

hes really the best rapper ever was and ever gonna by.

posted by slym on Mar 03, 2009

the best

posted by pabeu on Feb 28, 2009

Eminem is fuckin sick!!!!! Fuck what everyone else thinks...hes a fuckin lyrical genius...he is the best mc in history

posted by codeine on Feb 26, 2009


posted by big z on Feb 24, 2009

it's about time EM came back.this is sick single.

posted by snipes on Feb 23, 2009

awsome.beats most crap thats out now. but i agree with "west cost all the way" hes at his best when hes CrAzZZy and LOcO. gets the best out of him

posted by skeletash on Feb 23, 2009

he's the best and fuck the rest

posted by amine on Feb 21, 2009

it`s nothing new,i love eminem,but i really hope the rest of the album,is more hardcore and more eminem when he is mad,and loco.

posted by west coast all the w on Feb 20, 2009

Not eminems best but I know relapse will be chart topping

posted by 44444 on Feb 20, 2009

Fukn finaly some good shit

posted by Aiwohiboi on Feb 18, 2009

this kicks ass hell yeah

posted by sweet on Feb 17, 2009

Shit slim shady is the best !!! and the sexiest rapper alive !!!! All of yal who hate him can go to hell !!!!! All the other rapper look like shit compare to Eminem so Fuck lil wayne the game t.i. and all of the other faggots Luv u slim 4 ever !!!!!!!!!

posted by crazygurl on Feb 15, 2009

One of a kind.

posted by tiny tim on Feb 13, 2009

sick song! jumped from 78 to 1 on the billboard in one week

posted by steve08 on Feb 13, 2009

I LOVE EMINEM soooooooooo...... much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's soooooo... hot!

posted by kayla vicari on Feb 12, 2009

pretty gud...but nthin lik th old clasics tho...:(

posted by stupid duck on Feb 12, 2009

so glad he's making a come back!!

posted by NiKKi on Feb 12, 2009

dident evan work when i tried to play it

posted by abs on Dec 09, 2008