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Plies - Please Excuse My Hands (Feat. Jamie Foxx & The-Dream)

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Hey baby i know you and all your songs and i always tell my mom about you almost eveyday i hope we meet in person. My sister seen you in tampa wit your mom. So i wanna see you too.

posted by Ms. Plies on Oct 16, 2010

i love you and all your songs you are so sexy love this song buy the way every time you make a song it make me horny with the things you say so look me up 410-947-9364 i could give you becky if you want

posted by velvet rose on Jun 04, 2010

Hey plies i hope you have a great new year. *kandi*

posted by Ms. Plies on Jan 07, 2010

Hey plies im still prayin for you, for your situation that you go though in life. I have to say even everyone go though trial and tribulation almost everyday, but i say still keep your head up and pray to god he will hear you and test you to see you gone to do the right thing. And you have bless me to believe in myself so for that thank you... I always love you no matter wat...hopefully i will see you in person. Bye this is ya girl kandi love you plies.

posted by Ms. Plies on Nov 15, 2009

Hello sweetheart, I just wanted to say congrats on your success and as a fan I truly do love you and your music. I really like your song, "Please Excuse My Hands." You seem to be such a humbled and laid back person. I wish that I could meet you one day in person.Im not a celebrity groupy, but will scream like hell if I saw you in person. R you really single and up for a nice date with a non celebrity like me who is single and work hard everyday?

posted by keke on Nov 08, 2009

Hey plies i think you need some kandi becky is gettin old.

posted by ms. plies on Nov 03, 2009

Hey plies i love you sexy goodnight.

posted by Ms. Plies on Nov 03, 2009

I love this video this is my favorite video and favorite fine,sexy handsome man and he my baby boo.

posted by Adriana on Jul 13, 2009

plies i love u and i dont careif i ten and u iz 33 i thought u was younger than that

posted by mz.jasmine/look good on Jun 13, 2009

it's too hot

posted by want it, need it on May 10, 2009


posted by MRS.WASHINGTON on Mar 05, 2009

Keep doin ya thing baby and dont stop. That reality show bust it baby dont do it cause your bust it baby is right here.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 19, 2009

Roses are red violet are blue compare to the other girls I'm the one who truely loves you you dont believe me now, but you will soon boo after the end of the day you will love me too. This ya girl Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 14, 2009

Hey Plies Happy Valentine Day!! ())--%--- ())--%--- ())--%--- ())--%--- ())--%--- 5 roses cause I truely love you and 5 stars cause you is so Damn sexy and you keep it 100. This Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 14, 2009

Hey Plies I LOVE you baby. And Farit you right it is every women dreams. I know I have some dreams, but I aint fence to get in to that right now. And Stormii you right too about without Plies the song would suck I thought it was kinda funny, but true. This Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 11, 2009

Hey Plies, yes you can excuse my hands rubbin on your dick. Hahaha lol. This Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 09, 2009

Plies i love yours videos i always thought the was a second now make love to ya number one fan and face the wall cause imma give you a stripp search holla atcha girl SHEA

posted by Shea on Oct 30, 2008

hey sexy dis ya gurl nina tell soulja boy i said wahts good baby and how yo sexy self if you want to call me at 612-886-3745 my sis iz 18 call on her i think you fine too but dats what it iz..............BABY

posted by sexy nina on Oct 27, 2008

i love plies so much and when i hear his voice it makes me wet

posted by miss bust it on Oct 24, 2008

plies is the sexiest guy on earth and just his voice gets me wet!!

posted by kaylin on Oct 21, 2008

i love you so much even though you toooo old for me i am 18 baby i am soooooo in love wit you plies.

posted by teresa on Oct 09, 2008

This song is the shit, Plies and Jamie and Dream are the shit, this song needed them all, Jamie just straight freaked the song, Plies fucked the song, and Dream fingered the song.

posted by Adorable on Oct 03, 2008


posted by SHANICE on Sep 22, 2008


posted by Jeremy\'$ Baby on Sep 12, 2008

plies iz da sexiest man and plz excuse mi handz iz mi SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! plis is mi man LUV U PLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!*****

posted by baby gurl on Aug 29, 2008

Plies is every womens dream. When makeing this song and others, he makes a chick moist.

posted by farit on Aug 14, 2008

Without Plies dis video would suck. dis video is alright but it aint all a that.Bust it baby is much better

posted by STORMii on Aug 04, 2008

This is the best video and best sonq by far except for bust it baby. Plies is ssexy and his voice is so seductive <3 =] i loveee yewww pliess. Mrs. Castillo

posted by Plies Baby qirl <3 on Jul 28, 2008

this is the best video he made

posted by mz piles on Jul 27, 2008