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Sherman's Way Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Sherman's Way

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Sherman's Way Poster
Sherman's Way

Release Date :

March 06, 2009 Limited

Studio :

Starry Night Entertainment

Director :

Craig M. Saavedra

Starring :

James Le Gros, Enrico Colantoni, Michael Shulman, Brooke Nevin

A real crowd-pleaser, "Sherman's Way" starts with two strangers forced into a road trip of convenience only to veer off the path into a quirky exploration of friendship, fatherhood and the universal task of finding one's place in the world - a world in which one wrong turn can change your destination.

The discord begins when Sherman, a young, uptight Ivy-Leaguer, finds himself stranded on the West Coast with an eccentric stranger and washed-up, middle-aged former athlete Palmer in an attempt to make it down to Beverly Hills in time for a career-making internship at a prestigious law firm. The two couldn't be more incompatible. Palmer is a reckless charmer with a zest for life; Sherman is an arrogant snob with a sense of entitlement. Palmer is content reliving his past; Sherman is focused solely on his future. But somehow over the course of the movie, they manage to meet in the middle.


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