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Frozen River Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Frozen River

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Frozen River Poster
Frozen River

Release Date :

August 01, 2008 Limited

Studio :

Sony Pictures Classics

Director :

Courtney Hunt

Starring :

Melissa Leo, Misty Upham, Charlie McDermott, Mark Boone Junior

"Frozen River" is the story of Ray Eddy, an upstate New York trailer mom who is lured into the world of illegal immigrant smuggling when she meets a Mohawk girl who lives on a reservation that straddles the US-Canadian border. Broke after her husband takes off with the down payment for their new doublewide, Ray reluctantly teams up with Lila, a smuggler, and the two begin making runs across the frozen St. Lawrence River carrying illegal Chinese and Pakistani immigrants in the trunk of Ray's Dodge Spirit.


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