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Plies - I'm Da Man (Feat. Trey Songz)

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I love you plies im really and truely your #1 fan. By kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Oct 16, 2010

dis yr baby guh im yr #1 fan i really would like tuh me u

posted by amber on Jan 29, 2010

Hey plies im still prayin for you, for your situation that you go though in life. I have to say even everyone go though trial and tribulation almost everyday, but i say still keep your head up and pray to god he will hear you and test you to see you gone to do the right thing. And you have bless me to believe in myself so for that thank you... I always love you plies no matter wat...hopefully i will see you in person. Bye this ya girl kandi love you plies.

posted by Ms. Plies on Nov 15, 2009

i like trey songz.

posted by new new on Nov 05, 2009

Hey Plies this little boy was talkin his shit on saynow, but I got him straight tho. This Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 19, 2009

Roses are red are blue compare to the other girls I'm the one who truely loves you, you dont believe me now, but you will soon boo after the end of the day you will love me too.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 14, 2009

Hey Plies Happy Valentine Day!! ())--%--- ())--%--- ())--%--- ())--%--- ())--%--- 5 roses cause I truely love you and 5 stars cause you is so Damn sexy and you keep it 100. This Kandi

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 14, 2009

Hey Plies I LOVE you, I LOVE YOU!! So MUCH it is a Damn shame. And God bless you. Wit him your something witout him your nothing. So keep God first wit everything and many blessin to come love you boo. This Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 13, 2009

Thats right baby. You is da man wit the master plan thats is why you be usin your hands. Hahaha lol, but I LOVE you Plies and your music. Keep lettin haters.....hate. This Kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Feb 09, 2009

whts up baby, jst stp by 2 tell u ilove this video and u!!!

posted by tweety on Nov 12, 2008

yow plis ya dat i'm da man song is da bom i mean your holl cd is tite caus i rap but notin compered to wat you do man dat's all good luck for da rest

posted by eddy price on Jun 17, 2008

i luv this video just as much as i love plies look if u want a real chick 904 where its at baby!

posted by im da real busitbaby on Jun 15, 2008