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The Human Contract Trailer

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A clip/trailer of The Human Contract

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The Human Contract Poster
The Human Contract

Release Date :

October 28, 2008 Chicago IFF

Studio :

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Director :

Jada Pinkett Smith

Starring :

Jason Clarke, Paz Vega, Ted Danson, Idris Elba

Corporate player Julian Wright (Jason Clarke) stands on the verge of the deal of his career but his life just crossed paths with a woman (Paz Vega) who will turn his world upside down triggering emotions Julian never knew he had. As he pursues her in a dangerous game of seduction, he is forced to confront his past. Ultimately, Julian must face the dark family secrets that continue to haunt him and his troubled sister (Jada Pinkett Smith).


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I gotta see this when it comes out. WOW!

posted by TBrad on Sep 18, 2008