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Frontiers Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Frontier

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Frontier Poster

Release Date :

May 09, 2008 Limited

Studio :

After Dark Films

Director :

Xavier Gens

Starring :

Karina Testa, Aurelien Wiik, Patrick Ligardes, David Saracino

Alone in a Paris plagued by deadly race riots, the young and beautiful Yasmine is looking for a way out. In her desperation, she turns to her shady ex-boyfriend. Together with his two thug friends, they pull off a bold heist and head for the border. With the police close behind, they hide out in a seemingly peaceful inn. But the mysterious innkeeper is hiding a secret more terrifying than anything they could ever imagine. Trapped in an endless maze of tunnels crawling with hungry subhuman cannibals, they must fight to survive their bloody initiation into the innkeeper's evil family cult.


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