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Britney Spears - Break the Ice

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i'm was surprised of the animation! but in a good way! :) i was kinda thinking: "NO way, i want Britney dancing!" but actually i love it! :)

posted by lucian on Dec 18, 2008

U 'r doing good and excellent Dear. We love u so much Britney. Timor-Leste

posted by Timor-Leste on Nov 25, 2008

It was realy good.. im glad shes back to all of it!Go Brit*

posted by roro on Nov 23, 2008

Sounds so much better than all the rap crap....I loved it. You can actually hear the words and understand them WOW!! Go Brit!

posted by evilgiget on Sep 23, 2008

What a waste of a good song. I gave an extra point for being daring.

posted by missigfunk on Jul 31, 2008