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Jesse McCartney - Leavin'

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Fuck here not exist Brazilian

posted by fuck :D on Apr 14, 2010


posted by the girl who loves j on May 05, 2009

b. please i love him

posted by anna on May 05, 2009

i love u jesse

posted by the girl who loves j on May 05, 2009

This video is kind of shizzy, but I LOOOOOOVE Jesse. HE IS MY MAN. <3 <3

posted by xcgrrl on Jan 08, 2009

it ok.

posted by smoebody on Jan 04, 2009

In this video is very hot,, but you look so cute ^_^

posted by angel_mollymoon@yaho on Dec 01, 2008

i like this singer.

posted by matcute@.com on Nov 17, 2008

you are so hot!!! in this video i like it because i can tell your singing from your heart!!!

posted by yoyo on Oct 12, 2008

You're so ... JEJE

posted by Tiiz on Sep 22, 2008

I love you

posted by kcc on Sep 14, 2008

diz son iz good

posted by jeese mcartney on Sep 07, 2008

jese u r very hot cant u just be mine!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

posted by baby on Sep 06, 2008

jese you are very sexy i wish that were me!!!!! sexy thing

posted by baby on Sep 06, 2008

chismis... jese is good looking no doubt but i think she sold a lot of records because of his good looks not because of his talent. his voice is ordinary.

posted by daryl on Sep 03, 2008

imagine if this dude looks like sadam husin, do u still want to adore him or buy his album.. Talent less... jesse.. im better than him....well, when it comes to talent.

posted by daryl on Sep 03, 2008

he is very sexy iloooooooooooooooooooooooove him so much i don't like her new girle friend he is amazing and her voice is very nice i love you jesse and by..........

posted by jessica on Aug 31, 2008

hi i'm jessica i love this pop star very much he is amazing from every think and her voice is nice and he is so beautiful

posted by jessica on Aug 31, 2008

jesse looked hot before he cut his hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by zzy on Aug 31, 2008

i love leanim 887-2895

posted by lianna on Aug 30, 2008

i love him and this song soooooooooo much!!!j.s.+j.m.!!!!

posted by bbuuuuddd!!! was hhu on Aug 23, 2008

I love this song it is amazing i love him so much

posted by zoe on Aug 22, 2008

omg this song izz hot even tho itzz played out but i love dizz song 'neways but of corse chris brown is wayyyyy better (lol)

posted by mrzz .chris brown <3 on Aug 16, 2008

Ur HoTT i love u I wish u could come to missouri and dedicate this to me that would be perfect I LOVE U

posted by Madison Dunfee on Aug 07, 2008

i love the song im so glad you colored your hair!!!!!

posted by coleboy on Jul 17, 2008

I love you new song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by lolipop on Jul 17, 2008

chirs brown is better

posted by great on Jul 15, 2008

Hee Is So Hott :-| (6)

posted by Jesse Is Hottt :-) on Jul 15, 2008

jessee is the best ..i love him:X

posted by Smile on Jul 13, 2008

Jesse u r sooooooooooooo good and this is a good song much luv !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyomi luv ya very much

posted by Kyomi the Queen on Jul 05, 2008

i LOVE this song its so hot and im obsessed with him!!!!!!!!

posted by kimberly on Jul 02, 2008

ya um wow thats nice ya very nice!!

posted by dollface on Jul 01, 2008

Omg... AMAZING!!!!

posted by *ice* on Jun 26, 2008


posted by THA NEXT PCD DOLL on Jun 25, 2008