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Jordin Sparks - No Air (Feat. Chris Brown)

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I had this played at my wedding when my wife walked down the aisle

posted by Scott on Nov 14, 2010

you are so cool

posted by rsa on Sep 13, 2010

loveeee it...!

posted by Ridx on May 05, 2010

this is very spesial song, i love this song so much...

posted by arini on Mar 22, 2010

it's soooo cool, i loved it very much...

posted by Mony on Apr 03, 2009

i know this song when i meet somebody that special for me, we both loved this song so much. until the time we have to broke up, because our different in believin'. when i miss him so much, i can play this music more than 10 times. this song, mean so dep for me, thanks jordin...

posted by leen on Dec 27, 2008

ghashang bood

posted by parva on Dec 03, 2008

super hudba...cmuq:)verry gooood

posted by vierda on Nov 29, 2008

i luv it

posted by zvezdo4ka on Nov 18, 2008

i would put 0 stars if i could

posted by ihateu on Nov 18, 2008

rubbish video quility crap singer stupid song oh and a ungly singer dam right crap

posted by no air on Nov 18, 2008


posted by Pjerin Runa on Nov 06, 2008

Ilove the song no air

posted by Aloysha on Oct 21, 2008

dis video is bad an intresing i love it

posted by taiwo jimoh adewale on Sep 21, 2008

hey um how an i download the music video with out the sound because i want to make a film for youtube of no air i have the music but not the video so how can i download it..... also i love this song if i could i would give it 10 stars =)

posted by --dance-boy-- on Sep 16, 2008

Yo!No air is a nice song..n i like almost every song of chris brown..I like his way of dancing man he is crazzyyyy>>>>

posted by boyshadow on Sep 08, 2008

this video iz good i love it

posted by no air on Sep 04, 2008

i love this song and the combination. Wow!! its nice!!

posted by Paul Thaulo on Aug 09, 2008


posted by NIGGAS on Aug 07, 2008

Tell me how im supposed to breath wit Chris lookin fine as he always do plus singin dis song?lol.I jus love dis song...and especially da fact that Rhiana aint singin wit him

posted by STORMii on Aug 04, 2008

chris brown ur r by far the sexiest man ALIVE i LOVE u

posted by mrs brown 1989 on Aug 04, 2008

I Love this song too

posted by Great on Aug 03, 2008


posted by iLLUUVV DIS SOnG on Jul 30, 2008

I love chris brwon!!!

posted by Rachelle on Jul 28, 2008


posted by MR5 C4STill0 on Jul 28, 2008

i realy love dis song it makes me wanna cry over my boyfriend coz i realy ont see him. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

posted by faye1991 on Jul 26, 2008

u look great but this song is old

posted by selines on Jul 21, 2008

dis song i like it so much and its ace. xxxx

posted by faye1991 on Jul 18, 2008


posted by COLEBOY on Jul 17, 2008

can i send music to myu phione

posted by color on Jul 17, 2008

can i send music to myu phione

posted by color on Jul 17, 2008

can i send music to myu phione

posted by color on Jul 17, 2008


posted by HIP POP on Jul 14, 2008

i love this song. i also LOVE chris!! he is soooooooooooo hoooooooooootttttttt!!!! but chris is mine! sory ladies!!

posted by chris\'s girlfriend on Jul 11, 2008

OMG,I LOOOVE THIS SONG.on my opinion they look like brother and sister. the video was romantic

posted by babyV 14 on Jul 10, 2008

hell no

posted by kevona on Jul 08, 2008

this song is played to much its got old STOP playing it all the time

posted by lf on Jul 08, 2008

I love your songs

posted by kevona on Jul 06, 2008

I love all our songs babby

posted by kevona on Jul 06, 2008

this is my man keep out from him now thank you.

posted by kevona on Jul 06, 2008

I kiss him today

posted by kevona on Jul 06, 2008

i love chirs brown

posted by bigbooty on Jul 01, 2008

This song is ok its kinda getting old but when its on the radio it hards NOT to sing along

posted by Bri_dlover on Jun 30, 2008

Love You -xx

posted by Aymz on Jun 30, 2008


posted by MRSZ BROWN on Jun 28, 2008

it the domb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by jazzy#1 on Jun 27, 2008

I like you chris brwom becuse he is thegood sing r to no air .

posted by marivel on Jun 27, 2008

wica wica wowowowowowowoowowowowowoowowowowowoowowowowowowowowowoowowowoowowowowowowowo

posted by wica wica poopoopoop on Jun 24, 2008

love this song soo much my faviote

posted by chrissy on Jun 23, 2008

just wanted to ask how to download to my pc?? to the people who rated down

posted by pess on Jun 23, 2008

salo me gc solo me gusta este cantante

posted by ivanka jaquez on Jun 22, 2008

this song rocks tottally this ones for wee garry in ma unit coz a canny breath wen hes no there lololololol x :) :)

posted by amielovesdeano:) on Jun 20, 2008

this song is the boom and u 2 singing it sets it off. u guyes have those uniqe vocies that sounds so great with this song and even betta 2gether. if anyother 2 people or person sung it just wouldnt sound as great as u guyes. luv you

posted by bigkeyahotmama on Jun 18, 2008

this video is r8 gd an da sng is evan betta

posted by sasha on Jun 17, 2008

i luv diz song

posted by spr on Jun 17, 2008

i love this video

posted by mya on Jun 15, 2008

i love and support all my brothers songs especially this one

posted by tootie on Jun 15, 2008

i really love it so beautiful hope there's someone who feel about me like that so sweet

posted by Qkee on Jun 14, 2008

i love this video it brings me really good memories that i enjoyed with my exboyfriend that i realy loved

posted by Brianna on Jun 13, 2008

OMG dis is 1 of da best videos eva i luv it. I realy enjoyed it!=}

posted by Brianna on Jun 13, 2008

dis is 1 of ma fav songs eva i love this song it rocks

posted by cristina on Jun 13, 2008

this is one of best video of jordin spaeks

posted by marissa on Jun 13, 2008

hey, dis song is da man in dis hood hahahahahahahaha Y.B.R in ur mouf aye

posted by MeLe RoKz Ur AsS on Jun 12, 2008