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Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (Ost. of Titanic)

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TITANIC is best. acting,songs,story,everything amazing. Best movie ever build.

posted by Munna on Feb 24, 2012


posted by tan on Oct 09, 2011

sometimes it makes me sad becoz jack died i luv u lots

posted by windows on Aug 15, 2011

heart touching..

posted by rishi on Apr 26, 2011

Verry good

posted by Shatun on Mar 08, 2011

ds s one of d best song i'v evr heard..ur voice z god gifted. sarbjit kaur deo

posted by angelic_image on Feb 25, 2011


posted by Sen on Feb 23, 2011

I love your voice

posted by kedi on Feb 21, 2011

Imi vine sa plang,e foarte frumoasa melodia

posted by anamaria on Feb 05, 2011


posted by NOYEL on Jan 26, 2011

Very emotional song

posted by vikas on Jan 25, 2011


posted by 123654 on Jan 09, 2011

Bestial, este cea mai faina melodie pe care am ascultat-o! I like so much!:*:x

posted by Flo_oriy on Jan 05, 2011


posted by 16 on Dec 17, 2010

Very good

posted by My heart will go on on Dec 14, 2010


posted by dominic on Dec 10, 2010

titanic song

posted by khan on Dec 08, 2010


posted by hchshdhs on Dec 05, 2010


posted by gtdare on Nov 29, 2010


posted by VIDEO on Nov 27, 2010

very good

posted by A on Nov 19, 2010

so sweet

posted by ovi on Nov 11, 2010

Its amazing....

posted by 12th Navee on Oct 08, 2010

i love it

posted by san on Oct 05, 2010

''titanic'' i love it very much it's a good song and titanic is the bezt love story and in this world. And alsn very heart touching

posted by june on Oct 02, 2010

its wonderful,&ossom

posted by titanic on Oct 01, 2010


posted by avi on Sep 29, 2010


posted by ne on Sep 24, 2010


posted by tusshar on Sep 10, 2010

its really outstanding

posted by titanic by imu on Aug 30, 2010


posted by ja on Aug 19, 2010

excellent song and movie

posted by sunny on Jul 28, 2010

nice song

posted by titanic on Jul 22, 2010


posted by T on Jul 17, 2010

Awesome movie 'TITANIC'!!!

posted by Avi on Jul 14, 2010

Titanic been a great movie

posted by Titanic on Jul 10, 2010

this is my all time fav....

posted by Lali on Jul 03, 2010

excellent song

posted by sagar on Jun 18, 2010


posted by jacklynee_roselynasc on Jun 10, 2010

i love this.muah :)

posted by titanicgurl_jacklyne on Jun 10, 2010

I love Titanic,I think that is a amazing movie and jack is so beautiful I really love the song omg the make such a cute couple!

posted by Bub@1oo!*=} on May 27, 2010

heart touching video

posted by pravin on May 26, 2010

cool song

posted by me on May 04, 2010

Rubbish, wud rather listen to cats!

posted by donald on Apr 26, 2010

awesme.. i jst lv dis sng

posted by appy.. on Apr 07, 2010


posted by jk on Mar 16, 2010

good song

posted by sonu on Mar 08, 2010


posted by celine dion on Mar 08, 2010


posted by sati on Feb 21, 2010

I like the movie, the song...really touch my heart

posted by Ashish on Feb 20, 2010

I like the movie, the song...really touch my heart

posted by vio on Feb 19, 2010

i like this video .... :))

posted by Rafaires 71 on Feb 06, 2010


posted by titanic on Feb 02, 2010

i love th e titanic :)

posted by my heart will go on on Jan 20, 2010

it really touches my heart

posted by m on Jan 01, 2010


posted by fdf on Dec 20, 2009


posted by suressh on Nov 23, 2009

titanic song

posted by my heart will go on on Nov 22, 2009

it's amazing song......really touching the heart........

posted by MSRT Rockzz on Nov 09, 2009

It's mind blowing..... just make me feel out of this world.. AMAZING

posted by Meenakshi on Nov 01, 2009

I can't describe the feeling...Just magical<3

posted by Tris on Oct 26, 2009

it is very nice.

posted by william on Oct 21, 2009

so good

posted by william on Oct 21, 2009


posted by gmt on Sep 15, 2009

it is very nice

posted by ader on Sep 10, 2009


posted by Harry Potter on Aug 31, 2009

this is my fvrt song...

posted by haryy on Aug 24, 2009

this iz my fvrt song n i like u

posted by sahi l(kamal) on Aug 24, 2009

Really i like this vedio

posted by Gaurav Sarswat on Jul 30, 2009

Kul wrk ,nice concept, sure watch kinda thing

posted by Wiselion on Jun 23, 2009

i like this song too much...............

posted by deepika on Jun 02, 2009

I love this song...but it makes me kry:`((((

posted by Kate on Jun 01, 2009

best video ever

posted by titanoc on May 23, 2009

I like this song

posted by A.J.Hazly Mohammed on May 21, 2009


posted by braveheart on May 15, 2009


posted by SHALGUM on Apr 30, 2009

It's a wonderful video song.

posted by Ajgar on Apr 25, 2009

Love,Love, love it!!

posted by noeone special on Mar 25, 2009

loved it

posted by lucy/nyuu on Mar 13, 2009

Thanks 2 make this type of video

posted by Shakti on Mar 12, 2009

it's awsome video

posted by ki2 on Mar 06, 2009

Very cool...

posted by 1909 on Feb 27, 2009


posted by sree on Feb 27, 2009

this song is very beautiful.. I love it.. I like MY HEART WILL GO ON

posted by 2312 on Feb 26, 2009


posted by dell on Feb 17, 2009

its a good video

posted by victor on Feb 15, 2009

celine dion

posted by 4609 on Jan 17, 2009

realy u r here in my heart

posted by kannan on Jan 16, 2009

one of the best songs i have ever heard!!!

posted by rick on Jan 09, 2009

Its my romatic feeleneg

posted by vamsi on Dec 30, 2008

"we'll stay forever this way..." wowww! great lyrics, great voice, great composition and wat a great movie... really is song of my heart.

posted by Kamran143 on Nov 18, 2008

this song is tach the heart.i lkied my fav song

posted by atul on Nov 12, 2008


posted by heart will go on Oct 14, 2008

no comment

posted by mohd on Oct 06, 2008

i love this song soooo much & also movie

posted by my heart on Oct 01, 2008

i verry like this song,,and the famous movie.

posted by inocent on Sep 27, 2008

i loe this song very much

posted by my heat will on Aug 22, 2008


posted by shadav on Aug 17, 2008

My fav song

posted by Venu on Aug 16, 2008


posted by my on Aug 10, 2008

i love this songs

posted by Celine Dion - My Hea on Jul 27, 2008

i love u ruchi (kharagppur 2008) i miss u very much

posted by yours darling on Jul 22, 2008

good video

posted by bapi on Jul 14, 2008

i love this song

posted by asim on Jul 05, 2008

hi santu

posted by santu saha on Jun 28, 2008