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JoJo - Too Little, Too Late

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I love you. I wish i could be just like you JOJO. I can write your name is cursive perfectly. Love ya! -JoJofan31

posted by JoJofan31 on Mar 24, 2012

i love jojo jojo ur so beautiful

posted by umema on Apr 30, 2011

i love this song i like it

posted by umema on Apr 30, 2011

i love u so mach Jojo u are sweet girl And lovely girl2

posted by miss 5o5a on Jun 05, 2009

love jojo

posted by hfm on May 06, 2009

i love jojo more than anyfin else!!!!

posted by aku on Jan 21, 2009

Perfect girl sie kann super singen für ihr alter ich habe sie geliebt als ihr erstes lied ins fernsehen kam mit dem video

posted by ILOVEGIRLS on Jan 02, 2009