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Soulja Boy - Soulja Girl (Feat. I-15)

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soulja boy sod

posted by shabra brewer on Feb 11, 2010


posted by SHABRA BREWER on Feb 05, 2010

i m 1 of da fans of ur i hav listen all da song of ur i lov all song which u sing i lik ur dres up,smil,style of singing

posted by f rap on Jan 26, 2010

shabra boy

posted by shabra brewer on Jan 22, 2010


posted by rafael on May 04, 2009

hey im hearing his songs.yup..i luv "donk" thats my song. i love yo songs..

posted by natalie ur princess on Mar 15, 2009

i love all of your songs you are so sexy i am from the bahamas

posted by coco runkz on Dec 29, 2008


posted by shabra brewer on Nov 17, 2008

baby im ur girl no other chick im the real thing and i'm all the things u need i might young but who cares

posted by malissahodge@yahoo.c on Nov 15, 2008

soljaboy i am you big big big big fian and my cuns to call me at 615 2280648 call me sunday at 730 pm

posted by andre on Nov 15, 2008

my man

posted by lesha40z on Oct 21, 2008

soulja boy i luv u and i`m ya doulja girl so u dnt need to find out who ya soulja girl iz so come to me if u a soulja girl cuz i`m ya soulja girl so tell dem otha fake fony girl dat say dat they r ya soulja girl bcuz i`m the 1 and onlii

posted by cora aka soulja girl on Jun 17, 2008