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Netherbeast Incorporated Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Netherbeast Incorporated

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Netherbeast Incorporated Poster
Netherbeast Incorporated

Release Date :

March 30, 2007 AFI Dallas IFF

Studio :

Shoreline Entertainment

Director :

Dean Matthew Ronalds

Starring :

Darrell Hammond, Steve Burns, Dave Foley, Amy Davidson

An offbeat hilarious comedy with a quirky twist on the vampire tale set in modern day corporate America. Employees of Berm-Tech Industries, Inc. have kept the family secret for a long time. For years it has been business as usual, until the top vampire in charge contracts a dreaded disease, becomes senile forgetting that he s a vampire and starts killing off other vampire colleagues. A human efficiency expert and "Dead Mike's" replacement are invited to work at Berm-Tech but soon they discover that some of their associates are not what they appear to be.


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