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Dawn of the Dead Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Dawn of the Dead

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Dawn of the Dead Poster
Dawn of the Dead

Release Date :

March 19, 2004

Studio :

Universal Pictures

Director :

Zack Snyder

Starring :

Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Mekhi Phifer, Michael Barry

An unexplained plague has decimated the world's population and yet, the dead aren't dying. They've become zombies, stalking endlessly in a constant quest to feed on the flesh and blood of the few remaining living.

A ragtag group of desperate survivors in a Wisconsin town seek refuge in a large indoor mall, where they must learn not only to protect themselves from the ever-increasing zombie horde, but also to co-exist with each other as a last bastion of humanity. Sealed off from the rest of what used to be the world, the group uses every available resource (both within and without) in their against-all-odds fight to remain alive and human.


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