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I Know Who Killed Me Trailer

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A clip/trailer of I Know Who Killed Me

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I Know Who Killed Me Poster
I Know Who Killed Me

Release Date :

July 27, 2007

Studio :

TriStar Pictures

Director :

Chris Sivertson

Starring :

Lindsay Lohan, Julia Ormond, Neal McDonough, Brian Geraghty

Lohan plays Aubrey, the young daughter of affluent parents who is abducted and mutilated by a sadistic serial killer, she then manages to escape, sans a hand and a leg and lots of blood. The girl who regains consciousness in the hospital claims to be not Aubrey but Dakota identical to Aubrey, but with a much different demeanor. Dakota struggles to convince anyone that she is not Aubrey and finds herself in a desperate race to save Aubrey’s life and her own against overwhelming odds.


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Lindsay is a great actress and the movie I Know Who Killed Me is a great mystery movie ever!! Go Lindsay Lohan!!

posted by Monica on Mar 26, 2009

what is the song at the beginning?

posted by eva on Mar 22, 2009