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Mark Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg, Alma Wahlberg, Henry "Nacho" Laun, Johnny "Drama" Alves, Kari Burke, Billy Leonard

First Trailer for Mark and Donnie Wahlberg's Reality Show 'Wahlburgers'

December 12, 2013 11:12:33

A&E has shared a look at its upcoming reality series "" by debuting the first trailer. Starring the famous siblings and , the show centers on their family-owned restaurant located just outside Boston.

"It used to be 'Oh, God! Those Wahlberg kids.' Today it's 'Whoa, it's the Wahlbergs!' " says the family's matriarch, Alma, of how well known their family is. Paul, who is an executive chef at the restaurant, says, "Being in business with my brothers was never the plan."


Mark and Donnie Wahlberg Star in Reality Series With Family

November 13, 2013 07:11:20

The Wahlbergs are going to share their side of story in a reality show about their family-owned restaurant. teams up with brothers Paul and to star in A&E's "".

The actor brothers Mark and Donnie will return to their hometown of Hingham, Massachusetts to manage and open their restaurant, also called "Wahlburgers". Together with Paul, who is an executive chef at the restaurant, the brothers will focus on making their restaurant a success in Boston area. They will also open a new branch in Toronto, Canada in 2014.


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