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'United States of Tara' Will Still Air Japan Earthquake Episode

April 07, 2011 04:04:57

Call it a coincidence, "" team has written a story about Japan earthquake last fall, way before the real tragedy struck northeast Japan last month. The episode, although sensitive to the matter, will still air as scheduled on Monday, April 11 on Showtime.

In "The Full F**k You Finger", 's Kate decides to move to Japan and teach English to gain some independence. But before she boards her plane, she learns that there's been a massive earthquake in Osaka, where she was headed, that has left hundreds dead. Instead of being sympathetic about the tragedy, Kate's upset that the quake has ruined her plans and quickly begins a hunt for another Japan city, preferably one that "doesn't have an A-bomb", instead.


First Trailer of 'United States of Tara' Season 2

February 09, 2010 09:02:14

The trailer to the second season of "" has been released. Attached by only a few new scenes and topped off with some from the first season, the trailer aims to emphasize on its good reviews and award winning history.

won Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Comedy or Musical at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards, snubbing of "", of "", of "", and of "". "Gee thank you so much. This is a real pleasure," Collette said in her acceptance speech. "The last time I came here 15 years ago I was on the loo and missed my whole category."


Fourth Alter Ego Added in 'United States of Tara'

February 18, 2009 04:02:04

A new character will be added to Tara's alter ego in "". The character who suffers multiple personality disorder will not only have three but four different personas which reportedly will be teased in the end of next episode. Writer Diablo Cody said, "There may be other alters."

Outside her true self, Tara who is played by , has possessed three personalities which are suburb housewife named Alice, beer-gulping male named Buck and a wild and pot-smoking teenager named T. The additional personality is not yet revealed though whether it will be a female or male.


'United States of Tara' Renewed for 2nd Season, Shooting to Begin in Summer

February 11, 2009 11:02:49

Showtime is gearing up for the second season of its hit comedy series, "", it has been announced. There are 12 new episodes planned and shooting is slated to be begun this summer.

"This is a perfect fit for our premium brand and we're thrilled that critics and audiences have responded to this groundbreaking show so well," Robert Greenblatt, Showtime's entertainment chief, said in a statement when explaining on the reason that prompted the renewal of the series. "I look forward to many more alternate personalities emerging from this unique series."


First Trailer of Diablo Cody's 'United States of Tara'

January 07, 2009 10:01:20

A first look into Diablo Cody-written TV dramedy "" has been given through a new trailer. The footage brings out the four personalities of Tara who is played by Academy Awards nominated actress, .

Tara is a regular suburban mom who isn't always herself sometime. She suffers from multiple personality disorder that boxes her into four different personalities; herself, a wild and pot-smoking teenager named T, a perfect stay-at-home wife named Alice and a beer-loving male named Buck. All these contribute to the well-being of her family; a hard-working husband of 20 years, a son who has a crush on a boy, a teen daughter who struggles with the boundaries between her and boys and a sister who holds the key to Tara's past.


Sneak Peek of Showtime's New Series 'United States of Tara'

November 07, 2008 04:11:57

Showtime network will have a new upcoming dark comedy series which will be premiered on January 18 at 10/9c. The series is entitled "" and starred by as Tara. The network has picked up the series for original 13 episodes including the pilot.

The story will revolve around Tara's life as a wife and a mother of two children who suffers from multiple personality disorder. joins the series by playing as Tara's husband, Max. Other involved actors and actress are Brie Larson, Keir Gilchrist, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Nathan Corddry.


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