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Kurt Csolak, Robbie Sublett, Peter Fernandez, Sahra Mellesse, Carter Jackson, Michal Friedman, Dave Skigen

Speed, Conor and Lucy are preparing for the next big race, the Redwood Rally. All seems to be going well until strange things begin to happen on the virtual track, including blinding leaves, falling acorns and a menacing Giant Conor. Clearly someone's been tampering with the virtual programming, but Speed and the gang are hot on the trail to solve the mystery.

Annalise, the daughter of evil billionaire Zile Zazic, sets out to spy on Speed's investigation. And before you can say "Go, Speed Racer," they both get caught up in a freak accident that leaves them trapped inside the malfunctioning virtual world with a hungry high-tech virus closing in fast!

In order to get them out alive, everyone will have to put their differences aside and work together in a fast and furious race against time. But just when it seems like the day is saved, there is one last - and very big - surprise as the real and virtual worlds collide!

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