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Preview of 'My Own Worst Enemy' 1.06: High Crimes and Turducken

November 18, 2008 04:11:12

Preview of "" episode 1.06 has been released. It reveals Edward Albright, played by , dealing with his past and national security as an effort in finding the culprit who murdered his parents.

With the title "High Crimes and Turducken", the episode shows Angie bracing herself and preparing for a bad news when her father Archie comes to town for the holidays. Meanwhile, Tom rekindles his strained relationship with his wife Mary Grady over a bourbon cooking session. Plus, Henry Spivey, also played by Slater, gets a birds eye view of Edwards' relationship with Dr. Norah Skinner.


'My Own Worst Enemy' and 'Lipstick Jungle' Possibly Get Axed

November 13, 2008 02:11:08

Bad news comes from NBC network. E! Online has been informed by "reliable sources" that on November 12, the network has decided to terminate its two TV series, "" and "", at the same time.

The termination is believed to have something to do with the series' ratings. By its third episode, "Enemy" only received 5.2 million viewers, slipping down from the pilot's rating that got 7.3 million viewers. Having similar poor rating, "Jungle" merely received 4.9 million viewers from its latest episode.


Preview of 'My Own Worst Enemy' 1.04: That Is Not My Son

October 29, 2008 10:10:22

In the next episode of "", Mary Grady will find out the fact about Tom Grady. The identity of the boy who she used to believe as her true son, will be revealed on "That Is Not My Son".

The episode also focuses on the effort of Edward Albright to get Raymond Carter free out of captivity. At the same time, Henry Spivey suddenly wakes up to find himself in the middle of gunfire. Henry tries to call Mavis Heller for help by giving away his whereabouts and his identity as well. The worse is, Paula, additional character played by Michelle Krusiec, is a fellow operative who accidentally heard the true fact of Henry's identity from the conversation between Henry and Mavis on the phone. The situation leads Henry aka Edward's fate to rely on Paula's hands.


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