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Jada Pinkett Smith Leaving 'Gotham' After Season 1

March 07, 2015 03:03:32

announces that she won't reprise her villainous role as Fish Mooney when "" returns for the sophomore season. "We're done. I did my year and I had a good time," she opens up in an interview with Extra.

's wife assures her character will exit with a bang in the last episode. "The show is going to have an awesome finale!" the actress teases, before coyly adding, "You never know what Fish might have up her sleeve."


'Gotham' 1.17 Preview: Alfred Hospitalized

February 17, 2015 04:02:32

Bruce Wayne could be in danger in the next episode of "". A preview for the new outing hints that someone plans to attack the heir to Wayne Enterprises and the boy later makes an emergency call asking for immediate help at Wayne Manor. Alfred is apparently harmed by the bad guy(s) as he is seen lying unconsciously in hospital bed.

Meanwhile, Jim and Harvey investigate the Red Hood gang following several bank robberies. Oswald and Butch (guest star Drew Powell) are having a meeting and toasting for a new beginning, while Fish Mooney tries to reclaim her position in the underworld.


'Gotham' Teases the Joker's Arrival

February 11, 2015 09:02:36

The Joker could be the next Batman's villain who will be coming to "". A preview for the next episode of the FOX freshman drama hints at the arrival of the Clown Prince of Crime with a tagline which reads, "Gotham's next villain is no joke." The character will likely be played by "" star , who is seen laughing towards the end of the video.


Milo Ventimiglia Coming to 'Gotham' as Serial Killer Ogre

February 05, 2015 08:02:06

has booked a trip to "", but his arrival may be less than welcomed by the city residents. The Peter Petrelli of "" is cast in a recurring role as Jason Lennon a.k.a. the Ogre on the Batman prequel series. He will first appear in the 19th episode of the show's first season.

The Ogre is described as a handsome, wealthy and seductive serial killer who has been preying on the young women of Gotham for nearly a decade, luring them into his web and confronting them with a series of "tests" as he searches for his perfect mate. When the women fail to live up to his impossible standard, Lennon disposes of them quickly and viciously.


'Gotham' Will Feature Comic Book Villain Red Hood

January 22, 2015 02:01:02

"" executive producer Bruno Heller has revealed another character from DC comic books which will be featured on the show and at the same time answered the question whether the series would remain costume free. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, he revealed there would be an episode involving Red Hood and he would be the first character wearing a costume on the show.

"There's going to be an episode that involves the Red Hood, which picks up that strand, the costume strand, and sort of gives a kind of philosophical base, if that's not too pretentious a word," he said. "Why costumes? What's the power of costumes? What's the power of a mask? All of that groundwork will be laid sort of culturally for that side of the DC Universe before we start rolling into the more spectacular spandex type of deal."


'Gotham' Star Dishes on Jim Gordon's Relationship With Dr. Leslie Thompkins

January 03, 2015 11:01:37

Back in November, revealed that 's Leslie Thompkins would be Jim Gordon's new love interest. Ahead of "" return, the actress has now talked about her character's relationship with the main character on the FOX freshman series.

Baccarin says they start out as friends, but they could be more than that. "He's a very complicated man," she tells Entertainment Weekly. While in the comic books Leslie is a medical confidante of Batman, she will be seen teaming up with Jim on the TV series.


Preview for 'Gotham' January Return Teases a Riot in Asylum

November 25, 2014 02:11:11

"The next chapter begins" when "" returns in January, so a narrator says in a preview for the new episode of the Batman prequel series. The video offers a glimpse at James Gordon in a uniform as he's assigned to be a security guard at Arkham Asylum.

He is "guarding lunatics" and predicts "there's gonna be some drama around here" before the scene shows a blaring alarm and people dressing in white garb, presumably patients at the asylum, running in the hallway.


'Gotham' 1.09 Sneak Peeks: New Ally and Sparring Partner

November 11, 2014 11:11:55

Meet the young Harvey Dent on "". In the next episode of the Batman prequel series, Gordon teams up with the assistant district attorney, played by Nicholas D' Agosto, to close the Wayne murder case, much to Mayor James' (guest star Richard Kind) chagrin.

Meanwhile, Bruce's extensive physical training continues and Selina Kyle a.k.a. future Catwoman is quietly watching. "In Gotham, you gotta be mean... You gotta be ruthless," she advises the young Bruce.


'Gotham' 1.08 Preview: Learn to Fight

November 04, 2014 02:11:21

Gordon still resists compromising with Falcone when "" returns next week. In a preview for the new episode, Bullock tells Gordon, "Falcone let us live. You've got to go along to get along, Jim," but the young detective responds, "No, I don't."

Meanwhile, when someone is found beaten to death, Gordon and Bullock are intrigued by the motive and take on the case. They investigate a Gothamite who runs a deadly fight club for candidates applying to work at his financial firm.


'Gotham' Readying Episode That Introduces Scarecrow

November 03, 2014 03:11:56

"" will feature yet another famous villain from the DC Comics. During a panel for the show at Stan Lee's Comikaze, executive producer Danny Cannon spilled the beans that the writers were working on an episode that would introduce Scarecrow.

"We're breaking the story now," Cannon said, as quoted by Zap2it. He went on revealing that Scarecrow would be seen as a child on the Batman prequel TV series and the Scarecrow moniker would be passed on to him from his father.


'Gotham' 1.07 Preview: Summoning Gordon

October 28, 2014 02:10:34

Jim Gordon's secret is revealed and this could lead to a fallout with Falcone. In the next episode of "", Fish Mooney learns that Gordon didn't kill Penguin like he's told, meaning that Gordon has lied to her and Falcone.

Falcone is initially reluctant to "start a war" over the guy that carried Fish Mooney's umbrella, but she convinces him that Penguin knows things. It appears that Penguin will share more info regarding Fish Mooney or Falcone, and Falcone decides to summon Gordon by sending Victor Zsasz to the Gotham Police Department.


'Homeland' Star Morena Baccarin Coming to 'Gotham'

October 23, 2014 11:10:25

has booked a trip to "". The Jessica Brody of Showtime's "" lands a role as Dr. Leslie Thompkins, who in the comic books is a medical confidante of Batman.

On the Batman prequel series, she's a gifted and dedicated physician who was a friend of Thomas and Martha Wayne. She is determined to use her skills to aid Gotham's most in need, which currently means working at the newly opened Arkham Asylum's Home for the Criminally Insane. In addition to her medical skills, her coolness under pressure will serve her well as she finds herself drawn close to James Gordon and into more and more dangerous waters.


'Gotham' 1.06 Preview: A Threat on Halloween

October 21, 2014 02:10:30

A masked killer spreads a terror around in the new episode of the Batman prequel series. Just in time for Halloween, the show picks up a slasher film vibe in the new episode with a masked serial killer, who looks like Scarecrow. He is not Scarecrow, though, as he declares himself "the Spirit of the Goat."

As the killer begins targeting the first born of Gotham's elite, Bullock is forced to confront traumatic memories from a nearly identical case he worked in the past. Later, Gordon is confronted by past decisions.


FOX Gives 'Gotham' Full Season Order

October 14, 2014 01:10:39

For consistently posting record ratings, "" is given a full season order. The "Batman" prequel had previously scored a 16-episode order and is now given a back order for an additional six episodes, bringing the total to 22 episodes.

"Gotham debuted as one of the most buzzed-about shows of the fall, and with good reason," said Fox TV Group chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman. "Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon have created an incredibly rich world, with characters that draw you in and a cast that brings to life these heroes and villains in a way we've never seen before."


Nicholas D'Agosto Cast as Two Face on FOX's 'Gotham'

October 03, 2014 07:10:37

will portray a famous comic book character on small screen. The "" star has been cast as Harvey Dent aka Two Face on FOX's freshman drama "".

Dent is described as a bright and charming character who, "during his good days, is known for being an idealistic assistant district attorney who vows to eradicate the crime and corruption that has poisoned Gotham." Per Variety, Dent will also display a fleeting glimpse of the villain that he will become.


New 'Gotham' Trailer Introduces Victor Zsasz and Arkham City

September 30, 2014 01:09:53

The preview for the entire season of FOX's new series "" is released just a few weeks into the first installment, teasing what's in store for next episodes. Among the highlights is Fish Mooney's rivalry with mob boss Carmine Falcone. "I am going to kill that old man with my bare hands and my teeth," she says without his presence.

The video introduces a new villain, a knife-wielding baddie named Victor Zsasz (), who storms the Gotham Police Department looking for Jim Gordon. It seems that the relationship between Detective Gordon and Detective Harvey Bullock will get complicated as the latter points his gun at his partner.


Ben McKenzie Injures Head on 'Gotham' Set, Will Return to Work on Monday

September 15, 2014 09:09:10

"" star got a not-so-sweet treat on his birthday. The actor, who turned 36 on Friday, September 12, injured his head on the set of the upcoming drama series on his birthday.

McKenzie shared the news on Instagram, posting a picture of him with a bandage on his forehead. "Happy Birthday to me. Fight sequence gone awry. Don't ram your head into concrete pillars kids. #gotham," he wrote along with the pic. He additionally shared a photo which shows the wound before it was sewn up, captioning it, "Holy concrete wall, Batman! #gotham."


FOX's Batman Prequel 'Gotham' Touted as Most Promising New Show by TCA

September 10, 2014 10:09:13

Already generating buzz due to its tie to DC Comics' famous superhero Batman, "" has got support from critics as well. The upcoming FOX drama is named the most promising new series by the Television Critics Association. The show is also selected as the most promising new drama of the fall in the group's second annual poll.

The CW's "" and Showtime's "" are dubbed the second and third best new shows in respective order. Meanwhile, "Gotham" is followed by "The Affair" and "" in the most promising new drama category.


Netflix Nabs Rights to Batman Prequel Series 'Gotham'

September 03, 2014 10:09:31

Netflix moves fast to acquire one of the hotly anticipated fall new series. The streaming service has landed rights to FOX's Batman prequel series "" even before it premieres its first season.

" 'Gotham' is the most anticipated new series of the fall season and we are thrilled to offer it to our members around the world," said Ted Sarandos, Netflix's chief content officer, in a statement. "The Batman origin story is sure to have massive global appeal so it is fitting that, along with Warner Television, we have created a new model for distributing a show that international and domestic audiences will love."


Fall 2014 TV Guide - Part 1: New Shows

August 28, 2014 04:08:58

Fall is the most awaited season for TV lovers, when their favorite shows return and new promising programs launch. Following the tradition, AceShowbiz presents Fall 2014 TV Guide that gives overview of some hotly anticipated programs that you wouldn't want to miss. The article is divided into two parts: New Shows and Returning Shows.

Included in this first part are some selected freshmen which are expected to be new TV hits. There are "" which has got a lot of buzz due to its tie to DC Comics' famous superhero Batman, intense drama "", and crime drama "" from Shonda Rhimes. There are at least two other comics-adapted shows ("" and "") and a bunch of sitcoms that offer a wide selection of entertainment programs.


FOX's 'Gotham' Casts Its Future Riddler

April 02, 2014 11:04:02

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