Young Justice

Episode 1.17 : Disordered

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

November 11, 2011


Cartoon Network


Superhero fiction

Show Period

2010 - 2013

Production Company

DC Entertainment Warner Bros. Animation

Cast and Crew


Michael Chang


Andrew R. Robinson

Main Cast


October 23: Still traumatized by the training exercise that went wrong in the last episode, the team attempts to work through their feelings with Black Canary. Meanwhile, Superboy's pet Sphere comes to the attention of the people who previously possessed it called the Forever People. They identify that Conner actually saved the New Genisphere from the Bialyans and welcome him as a friend. Superboy and the Forever People end up stumbling upon Intergang who are using technology from Apokolips to rob an underground gold vault. Superboy and the Forever People learn that Intergang received the Apokolips technology from Desaad. They defeat the villains and gather up the rest of the missing technology. The episode ends with the Forever People allowing Conner to keep Sphere. Batman receives a report from Superboy about the truth of Sphere and Apokolips supplying their technology to Intergang.

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