Wolverine and the X-Men

Episode 1.01 : Hindsight - Part 1

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

January 23, 2009


Nicktoons Network


Animation, Action, Sci-Fi

Show Period

2008 - 2009

Production Company

Kickstart Productions, First Serve Toonz, EVA

Cast and Crew


Boyd Kirkland


Greg Johnson, Craig Kyle, Greg Johnson

Main Cast

  • Steve Blum
  • Nolan North
  • Jim Ward
  • Kieren van den Blink
  • Danielle Judovits
  • Kari Wahlgren
  • Yuri Lowenthal
  • Fred Tatasciore

Additional Cast

  • Phil Morris
  • Michael Ironside
  • Crystal Scales
  • Chris Edgerly.


A mysterious explosion destroys the X-Mansion on the moment that Wolverine was leaving. Professor X and Jean Grey are missing, and perhaps gone for good, causing the X-Men to disband. However, one year later, an anti-mutant group called the Mutant Response Division (or MRD for short) hunt Wolverine and arrest a family that helped him. This causes him to go after them with the help of Beast. Inside the jail, they free all the mutants, including Dust, Boom Boom, and Pyro. In the end, Wolverine decides to find the others X-Men and fight the MRD.

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