White Collar

Episode 5.12 : Taking Stock

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Episode Premiere

January 23, 2014


USA Network



Show Period

2009 - now

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Fox Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Tim DeKay


Alexandra McNally, Mark Lafferty

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With Rebecca behind bars and Peter turning his thoughts to D.C., Neal announces his desire for a future without a tracking anklet. In order to have his sentence dropped, though, he'll need a recommendation from his supervisor, and Peter isn't sure he's ready to sign off on his CI just yet.

Back at the office, Peter and Neal focus on boxing up the evidence from the Rebecca Lowe case, but when one of the bagged and tagged cell phones buzzes with a potential job for the incarcerated killer, Peter pulls Diana from maternity leave to go undercover. The problem is, in order for Diana to pass as Rebecca they'll need help from Rebecca herself - and in exchange, the femme fatale wants some one-on-one time with Neal.

Diana's investigation soon leads the team to a shady hedge-funder trying to get his hands on an algorithm that could tank the stock market and make him billions in the process. Thanks to Neal's nimble fingers and quick thinking, the team gets the algorithm first and sets a trap for the privileged perpetrator. And elsewhere, Mozzie's unsolicited childcare for Diana's son leads to an epiphany about the codex. Meanwhile, Rebecca hasn't finished making trouble for any of them, and she hasn't given up on her own future, with or without Neal...

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Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Tim DeKay
Filming on The Set of White Collar
Jun 30, 2011
Brady Smith, Harper Smith, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
Filming on The Set of White Collar
Jun 30, 2011