Episode 1.16 : Little Fish

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

April 05, 2013





Show Period

2012 - 2013

Production Company

CBS Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Paul McCrane


Seth Hoffman

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Anna Camp as Violet Mills
  • Sonny Marinelli
  • Aimee Garcia
  • Dustin Seavey


Ralph and Jack bust Frank Olmstead for engaging in sexual acts with a minor, Patricia, in a seedy local motel. After hearing about an underage prostitution ring for months, Lamb hopes to get information about it from both of them. However, FBI Agent Patrick Byrne derails his plan, since Byrne knows Olmstead works at the Savoy count room and could provide crucial information in a case against Savino. In exchange for that information, however, Lamb would not be allowed to press charges against Olmstead, and he gets very upset about that. He decides to hold Patricia at the station for 48 hours, both for her own safety and to see if he can draw any information out of her, but she's smart and tight-lipped. Both Lamb and Agent Byrne's plans are derailed, however, when Savino and Mia devise a scheme to get Patricia released from custody. However, Patricia later sends Lamb a personal letter, thanking him for his kindness and telling him where to find her pimp and arrest him.

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