Episode 1.04 : The Switch

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

June 05, 2014





Show Period

2014 - Now

Production Company

Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


Linda Mendoza


Courtney Lilly

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Eva Amurri Martino
  • Briga Heelan


Danny wakes up to find Justin and Nicki glowing from another spectacular night together. Their newfound bliss annoys Danny, but it infuses Justin with an unwavering confidence - so much so, that when Danny hones in on Leslie's friend, Sabrina, Justin offers up his own expert dating advice. Danny shrugs his friend off and charms his way into a one-night stand with Sabrina. Except, for the first time ever, he realizes he wants more than one night with her... Danny's "in like" with a girl!

This epiphany freaks Danny out - what's he supposed to do? Justin decides to help him by approaching Sabrina on his own and suggesting she give Danny another chance. In other words, he asks Sabrina for a pity date - and she flat out rejects the idea, stating that Danny's simply not a relationship type of guy. When Danny finds out, he lambasts his friends and, back at the apartment, eventually admits that maybe Sabrina is out of his league. Has the resident lothario psyched himself out? Justin again pleads for him to listen to the one guy with a stable relationship: be vulnerable, be honest.

With this in mind, Danny gets Leslie to invite Sabrina to the bar, where he levels with her about his feelings for her and his sordid dating tendencies. He wants to make this work and Sabrina recognizes his genuine intentions; she agrees to go on another date. After she leaves, Danny and Justin celebrate their shared success... and then argue about who really doles out the best dating advice.

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