Episode 1.03 : Three's a Crowd

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Episode Premiere

June 05, 2014





Show Period

2014 - Now

Production Company

Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


Scott Ellis


Craig Doyle

Main Cast


Justin continues his all-out assault on Nicki only to come to the realization that he might be falling into the dreaded "friend zone." His fears come to fruition in quick succession - not only does Nicki shrug off their regular movie and banana bread nights as two friends hanging out, but she also reveals she has a crush on someone... and it's Danny.

This sends Justin into a tailspin, and Danny begs him to stop the cute moves and tell Nicki how he feels. Unfortunately, Justin's first attempt at cornering Nicki corresponds with Nicki making a move on Danny (which Justin totally misinterprets as Danny hitting on her). The two friends argue in private until Nicki interrupts with an aside that reveals Danny did hit on her the first time they met. Justin erupts at Danny, which causes a major rift and sends Danny back to the apartment in frustration. Brett, ever the impartial peacemaker, visits later to deliver advice to Danny: put aside your own feelings and do whatever it takes to help a friend.

Danny does just that back at the bar where he gets Justin - at long last - to admit out loud all the things he likes about Nicki. Unbeknownst to Justin, Nicki heard every emotional word from Justin's office - she dashes out and kisses Justin, their first more-than-friends show of affection.

Meanwhile, Leslie manages the unthinkable during a Lions game on TV - she insults Detroit. Shelly, a Detroit fan to the core, disowns her as a friend and refuses to talk to her, much to the chagrin of the entire gang. Justin spurs an intervention by leading the gang in a tirade against their city in order to convince Shelly that Leslie's comment was not a personal attack. But it's not until Leslie sings Shelly's favorite song "Night Moves" that she endears herself back into Shelly's good graces.

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