Episode 1.02 : Pants Buddies

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

May 29, 2014





Show Period

2014 - Now

Production Company

Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


Scott Ellis


Adam Sztykiel

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Briga Heelan


Justin's crush on Nicki continues, and Danny rolls his eyes at every effort Justin makes to flirt with her. Why can't Justin just ask her out? After witnessing yet another failed attempt, Danny takes action - he grab's Justin's phone and sends Nicki a text asking her to a movie. This throws Justin way out of his comfort zone, and before she can even respond with a yes or no, he pretends the text was an accident... and proceeds to bury himself in an elaborate lie about his fake friend Nick.

Back at their apartment, they both express their frustration - Danny wants Justin to take his advice, and Justin doesn't think he needs it. Justin even calls out his own friends as being more desperate than he is, except it turns out that some of Danny's advice to Burski ended up landing him a date (his first one in years). But neither Danny nor Justin will budge on their stance until Leslie points out to Danny that she's just as emotional as Justin. Her appeal to Danny works, and he returns to the bar to apologize to Justin for his aggressive dating tactics... just in time to watch his roommate turn down Nicki's offer to go to a movie. Justin lays the blame on the remaining customers at the bar, so Danny seizes the opportunity and volunteers to watch the bar so Justin can join Nicki. The selfless act endears him to Justin, and the two once again appear on their way to being friends and not simply roommates. But the second Justin walks out of sight, Danny announces that he's closing the bar.

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