Two and a Half Men

Episode 11.09 : Numero Uno Accidente Lawyer

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Episode Premiere

December 05, 2013





Show Period

2003 - 2015

Production Company

Chuck Lorre Prod., Tannenbaum Co., Wolf Films, WB

Cast and Crew


Jim Patterson, Saladin Patterson, Jim Valley

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Walden goes on a date with a shallow tech show model who falls off the deck of the house and breaks her leg. He takes her to the hospital and allows her to stay at the house as he feels guilty about the incident. During her stay, he discovers that she is extremely accident prone as she repeatedly injures herself. When she tries to seduce him, he turns her down and she threatens to sue him, but she is hit by a bus shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, Alan and Jenny go to a gay bar and he picks up a straight woman, Paula, there with her gay friends. After Alan sleeps with her, she reveals that she was a man for most of her life. Alan decides to accept Paula as she is and goes on another date with her to the movie theatre. He is pleasantly surprised when Paula acts as the man in the relationship and punches a rude moviegoer in Alan's defense.

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