Top of the Lake

Episode 1.03 : Episode 3

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Episode Premiere

March 25, 2013





Show Period

2013 - 2013

Production Company

Escapade Pictures, See-Saw Films

Cast and Crew


Garth Davis


Jane Campion, Gerard Lee

Main Cast


After a prime suspect is found dead of an apparent suicide, police stumble on a shocking discovery. But the mystery only deepens.The case seems to be slipping out of control as each new piece of evidence adds to the growing sense of menace. Tui is still missing and the community is beginning to buckle under the strain of suspicion. Robin gets a warrant to search Matt Mitcham's house, but before she can gather any conclusive evidence, the police report another mysterious local death. Robin suspects the worst when police stumble on a shocking discovery, but nothing is quite what it seems. The mystery deepens when videotapes of Tui are found and Robin notices a figure in the videos wearing a blue hoodie. Matt, meanwhile, continues his crusade to recover his piece of land called Paradise from the new age women's group, convincing a member to go on a date with him. But their ecstatic revelry is interrupted by Matt's thinly veiled dark side.

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