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Episode 5.15 : Watch What Happens Reunion

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Episode Premiere

March 04, 2009





Show Period

2006 - now

Production Company

Magical Elves

Cast and Crew

Main Cast

  • Tom Colicchio
  • Padma Lakshmi as Herself - Host
  • Gail Simmons
  • Ted Allen
  • Katie Lee Joel


All the chefs and judges were reunited for the first time since they had gathered in New York City. Topics discussed included the "bro-mance" that went on between Stefan and Fabio; Tom Colicchio's life-rescue in Washington, D.C.; Gail Simmons's wedding; if Toby Young was the "Simon Cowell" of Top Chef; and Jamie's bad mood whenever she didn't win a challenge while on the top. Also included were the surprising "romance" that went on between Hosea and Leah; who the biggest crier was this season; why Patrick and Lauren couldn't handle the first Quickfire Challenge; some advice on "where Stefan got his cockiness from and how the viewer can get it"; the large amount of bald guys on the show; and if there were nicknames for the chefs this season. Videos included Hosea's ride from the first challenge to winning Top Chef; "documentaries" of Fabio, Carla, Stefan, Jeff, and Jamie; a "birthday curse" of getting eliminated on or near their birthday for Daniel, Eugene, Radhika, and Leah; the more painful moments at Judges' Table. Also shown were a tribute to the bald contestants on the show; Stefan and Fabio's "bro-mance"; Hosea and Leah's "romance"; Jamie and Leah's drunk night at Judges' Table; and the biggest weepers of this season. In addition, Fabio Viviani was awarded $10,000 and the title of Fan Favorite.

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